My Line Serial Number is filled but I'm still here

Can anyone shed some light on the Line Serial Number system?

I always thought that each number equates to an individual post and that no two people can occupy the same number at any one time. That is why you always get the awkward time in small units when one guys left and the replacement doesn't arrive for a couple of weeks. I thought this system was non-negotiable.

It seems that I was wrong. My replacement arrived at the begining of the month and there is still no news on a posting for me. We now both occupy the same LSN!!! What the hell is going on and do I have to go to work at all? It'd be nice to take some time off :lol:
What you intially say is correct, no 2 people should in theory occupy the same post. However, it is not uncommon for your situation to occur, and depending on cap-badge etc, it does happen a lot. A number of things complicate the issue, especially if it is a tri-service unit (spit!). As most things these days get run by the coppers in the kitty, your unit's budget will be coughing twice for the same LSN which it will want to do for as short a time as possible. If your replacement is in and a hand-over done, it could be a good bargaining tool to take leave/course etc but until you have a posting order, you are still on your unit's strength and at their beck and call.
You might be right about them counting coppers funnily enough the Sgts LSN is vacant and I've been picked up but no sign of a promotion????
MCM Divs occasionally allow units to hold personnel above their established strength, to cater for inter-unit leave etc, and the all encompassing 'operational requirements'. It could also be the situaution however that they are trying to promote you into the vacant slot - and are deliberately keeping you in the dark. This has happened to me before - it is only because where manning issues are involved the hierachy like to play things close to their chests. Telling someone they will be promoted into a slot, and then being forced to backtrack looks slightly un-professional - so they tell you nothing until the MCM Div agrees the proposal.
Or, of course, your Career Management Officer might just be a useless Arrse?
Could be the later of the two suggestions. I spoke to her in person recently and she seems as undecided as everyone else!

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