My letter to Bliar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 10, 2005.

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  1. Ahh, the fruits of civilian life! One can write with impunity to ministers of the Crown in the knowledge that an interview-without-coffee will not be forthcoming! So I wrote to Bliar and TCH to express my "concerns". So far I have a lovely little card from No 10 saying that my views were carefully noted. Perhaps that is why he is wearing a vest, as he is shivering with fear and remorse! :twisted: More likely that the letter was "noted" in the "mail in" register and then shredded. :evil:

    I don't expect anything from TCH but, if I do, you'll see it here! :twisted:
  2. MRPVR'D
    I think you probably speak for most of the armed forces and a good portion of the public too.
    Unfortunately , I doubt either will have the good grace to just go quietly into the night,
    Ah well,we can but hope.....
  3. Lots of kisses there MrPVRd. Thought you didn't like him. :wink:

    Seriously, it'll go in the shredder long before it reaches dear leader/TCH, but full marks for effort.
  4. It might be better to copy it as an open letter to the press, explaining that Bliar hasn't bothered to answer you. Alternatively, you could have the text miniaturised and engraved onto a 7.62mm bullet which you could then shoot through his lying skull from a suitable range before making your getaway, cackling into the night.

    Though I would suggest that if you go for option 2, you probably shouldn't sign it.

  5. But if u used option 2 see me for an alibi
  6. Good idea CP, howewver I would strongly urge that you try the new UGL. The area effects of this weapon will ensure that all MP's in the vicinity see the letter (albiet briefly :wink: ), and that there is more likelyhood of catching TCH in the backblast :lol:

    In the unlikely event that this fails (such as their being no UGL ammo in the UK coz the gov't are too stingy to PAY for it) please feel free to let me know, and I will endeavor to supply you with copius quantities of 7.62mm link (4B1T or 1B1T, your preference) in order to spread the word.

    PS I also do a sideline in engraving tools and magnifying glass if this helps :twisted:
  7. It's a honey trap! :twisted:
  8. He doesn't speak for me. I think Blairs ok and lets have more war.
  9. Ah yes, but you've spouted no end of other antagonistic Krap on here before, so who'd listen? :wink:
  10. MrPVD - have you copied the letter to any national newspaper(s)???

    Ref. Door_Bundle_Mk2's comment:
  11. Would they take it? Even if it was written in crayon or blood? :twisted:
  12. I can recommend The Times - if they intend to publish your letter they'll phone you first.

  13. Ditto the Sunday Telegraph: they are want to reprint letters like this - forces guys feeling they must jack due to unacceptable pressure or misrepresentation/enforced misuse of their chosen role.

    A sorry day when this happens mate, sorry to hear your news.
  14. MR PVRd

    well written and succintly put!

    Wish I was at a point in my career where I could follow your example but I can't......pension trap you see :roll: