My legs HURT!!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dark_Swamp, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Right. I am training to get my fitness level up for the army. Two days ago i went for my daily jog in my local woods, i stepped it up a gear and now i am suffering for it. The top part of my legs are now hurting when i walk up staires and when i go to sit down. And still hurts now and is not getting better.

    Please help!!!!
  2. So you've been training for 2 days? Your body probably hasn't done much heavy/ish exercise in few years, so your body is just in a bit of shock.

    Remember start slow get your body used to it first then start pushing it. You cant get fit in a 2 days, Everyone gets the aches at first but its just your muscles being sore due to you've started psychical training they will go after a few days and after a week or two of training you hardly get it.

    But remember jog for a while then stop stretch, And remember to stretch off at the end.
  3. Cant really help im afraid mate but just wanted to say i know your troubles. Thursday just gone i tried for my 1.5 best effort and had some pains in my calves afterwards. Went for a 3 miler today and started getting pains early on had to walk / limp the last mile as my lower legs went to shoite.

    Good food and rest i suppose is the only answer. Probably wont rest though and end up making it worse :wink:
  4. Cheers mate.
  5. cheers mate.
    Good luck with the training.
  6. Make sure at the end of each really hard session you do a proper warm down, 10/20 minutes even walking and stretching will really help you recover.
  7. 8) Also this will help your run times alot.
  8. Aye, warm up, warm down, stretch, drink plenty of fluids and if you're aching take a couple of Brufen.
    You'll get used to it.
  9. When I run and my legs ache I drill 1mm holes in my finger nails, this takes my mind off the pain

  10. Should try it sometime.
  11. My legs hurt like fcuk in July 2002 ... couldn't work it out until it suddenly dawned on me ... I'd just stepped on a landmine!

    So, have a look down and check both your feet are still there ... might be the reason?

    Regards, K13

  12. wait ................ yep still there.

    Are you taking the piss or do you have no legs.

    sorry about your legs :( :(
  13. Did you follow the IA drill of hurling yourself in the air and spreading yourself over a large area?

    I've had worse, I put my elbow in a blob of ice cream
  14. lol this is a bit like someone saying "oh my god the weirdest thing happened, I poked myself in the eye and now my eye hurts" haha

    Aching muscles is a side effect of exercising mate, it gets less over time, definately worse at the start. Take things slowly or you might injure yourself. IN time you will learn the difference between an "ache" and a "pain". Aches are fine, pains are not!

  15. No need to hurl yourself in the air ... the mine takes care of that. Only spread a portion of me over a large area the rest remained attached to my lardy body :D

    I didn't think to put my stump in a blob of ice cream ... damn, that would have helped a lot ... if I ever do it again ...