My Lad

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by inattendance, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. My Lad was 18 on Thursday, and he flies to Iraq today, I am so proud of him, not really a thread, just wanted everyone to know what a great lad he is, God speed my Son..all my love Dad
  2. All I can say is, good luck and hope he comes back well.
  3. A big salute to all proud Mums and Dads

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Safe home for all your sons and daughters.
  4. My very best wishes to your son and his oppos for a safe tour. I hope that time passes swiftly for you and that he's home again before you know it... :salut:
  5. All the best for your son, hope he has a safe tour.
  6. Good luck to him and his mates.
  7. All the very best to your lad Sir, my son has served in Bosnia Iraq and Afghanistan so I know what you and Your family are going through. Good Luck Soldier..go do your Family Proud
  8. You must be very proud of him and rightly so.Good luck to him and all his mates.
  9. Good luck and wishes for a safe return,
  10. I agree with all so far. My son in law recently came back from the land of flies and flat bread and my son is currently out trying to find out who Afghan Stan is and why he lives in such a sh*t hole!!
    I too am proud of my lads and all those like them. I'm also a little apprehensive (that's made a bit worse having an ex soldier's perspective) but we just have to say "It's his job" and look forward to the homecoming.
    Good luck and safe home to all those serving with the colours.
    Make 'em .ave it lads!!!
  11. Good luck to him and well done to his parents for the support Im sure your all givin him. Just get the family to send him plenty of Blueys as the best thing of your tour is the mail drops as you probably know. Just remember he has excellent well trained lads around him and will help him settle in and be part of the team straight away.
  12. good luck stay safe fella.
  13. You should be rightly proud of your son. Good luck to him
  14. cheers fellas, walked in the same sand he is about walk in. I'm having f*ckin kittens already..gonna be a long day..
  15. be proud and all the best