My knee is hurting (AKA chondromalacia)


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Advice needed. Good old runners knee has struck me, not too badly but want to nip this in the bud. I have sort of figured out a regime to get me back to running/badminton/squash but would appreciate some input.

Week 1 - no additional exercise in place
Week 2 - Swimming x2 and short walks x3 (3 miles on flatish countryside)
Week 3 - Swimming x2, short walks x2, low weight low rep in gym x1
Week 4 - Swimming x1, longer walks x2 (6 miles) low weight high rep in gym x2
Week 5 - Swimming x1, short runs x2, long walks x1, med weight and rep in gym x1

Can anyone recommend anything additional I need to do? Read somewhere about fish oil supplements but not sure of the efficacy for this.

I have said it a million times but massage therapy is fantastic for injuries like this. Do yourself a favour and look up your nearest therapist.

If it is cronic get a referal to an orthopedic surgeon, they may do a anthroscope to investigate further.

Go to a Chartered Psyio - they will give you very specific exercises to do, mainly to improve your quad muscles (which control much of the movement of the patella over the joint).

Avoid running but keep exercising - LOW IMPACT (swimming and/or cycling)
I used to suffer from runners knees and shin splints until I adopted a mid-foot strike, as opposed to a heel strike. No more knee problems for me. And running is now much easier -- a pleasure and not a chore. I can run further using less energy and without pain.

I now believe that the multi-billion dollar, fashion driven running shoe industry is responsible for the poor form of runners in the West. This poor form contributes to injuries. If we look at African distance runners it's rare to see them use a heel strike. Do elite marathon runners wear running shoes with shock absorbers/padding in the heel? It's more common for them to wear racing flats. It's virtually impossible to have good mid-foot running form with padded soles.

Who would run barefoot with a heel strike? So why run heel strike with padding only for protection?


Pose running technique


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Thanks chaps, confirmed what I had been thinking. The pose running technique seems similar to the style I currently have - just need to conecentrate on foot strike more, have never been a heel strike runner and suspect that the recent flare-up is due to me charging up and down 3 flights of steps about 20 times a day at work.

Have been taking the stairs slower and the pain in my knee is vastly reduced.

Its not bad enough yet for Physio/massage, but have not ruled it out
Go for a couple of massages. It will sort it out before it gets worse. Trust me the quicker you nip it in the bud, the easier it will be to control.

I have been visiting an osteopath for a few weeks now. I have been given lots of stretches to do and the osteopath has also been massaging and stretching certain muscles. my suggestion, seek out a professional who can assess how you walk/run and the condition of your muscles.

My knee issues have greatly improved. Basically, the muscles on the outside of my quads are very tight and strong, but the inner thigh quad is weak, causing the patella to track wrongly.

I also have tight calves which are giving me shin issues. again the osteopath is working on them along with excercises and stretches.


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