My kitchen sink.

I wash up every now & then, it keeps the missus happy. However when I am a few seconds into bubble scrubbing mode I get a Mr. Stiffy. This is down to the height of the kitchen sink & its proximity to my love log.

The faster I rub the dish cloth on the pots, the more my love log bangs against the front of the sink unit.

By the time I've finished my tour of duty at the sink I've got a throbber that's fit to explode. 8O

Have any other ARRSE members "Come across" this before, if not, please feel free to test it out. It puts a totally new angle on "Being chained to the kitchen sink....................." there's an idea..................
Was the washing machine on a fast spin cycle?
once you had finished the said crockery did you find the missus and give her a good pan bash?
I always get my pinny on, dip the hands that do dishes in the water and get an irresistible uege for a wazz. I can't be arrsed to go to the bog, so I just pee down between the washing-up bowl and the sink...
Always have the urge to dry my hands part way through the washing up. Something I share apparently with Père Whiffler.
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