My kinda girl?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Snips, Dec 30, 2002.

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  1. So which one is your ideal?

    And girlies - which one are you?
    I'm the 'one of the lads' coupled with 'best friend/confidante'. Oh and I prefer men too.
  2. Why is there no "Best friend and Top Slut" entry?

    No, I don't have one of those either  :(
  3. there you go PTP.
  4. best friend and confidante and top slut - I wouldn't say slut, but one that does like a bit of 'how's yer father' now and again.  And one that like eating out, pubs, cinema, staying in and watching vid's, etc, etc, etc .....  is there anyone woman like that out there?
  5. I just like by bitch to do as shes told when shes told and if I want her opinion I'll give it to her ;D

    I have no idea why Mrs dohnut moved out yesterday :eek:

    What is a mosoginistic chauvenist pig?
  6. GH - I am your perfect woman!!

    I also like playing pool, shooting things, drinking copiuos (can't spell that) amounts of alcohol and can give good head!!
  7. 'Give good head', wow, you win, PM me with your details.
  8. I'm none of the above....I don't get told what to do therefore I do not do as I'm told, I'm not one of the lads....But will put up a good competition on any of them on anything they wish to compete me against. I can drink more beer than them, I'm not a slut but am dominating under the covers!  ;D I'm alway's up for a laugh, I'm very sarcastic..And best of all...'I have a big gob'.....

    So can we have one that says 'The perfect Woman'? ::) ;) ;D
  9. shall I just name it 'Leanne'?  ;D
  10. Yep....But with the perfect woman bit on it aswell... :-[ ;D
  11. Will you marry me?
  12. I think we need to be the judge of how good the head is before we decide wether or not she is marraige material.

    I therefore volunteer to be guinea pig for the experiment for a small fee, If the rest of the chaps have a wip round £20 should cover the time i spend writing a report afterwards.

    I now my generosity is endless, its the least i can do for the laughs you have given me over recent months.

    Right then SB where do you want me, do i need tissues or do you swallow the lot ;D
  13. Mighty,
    I pretend to swallow but spit it back in a glass and save it for a real bad brewer's droop day. hahaha!

    >>>balances the glass on her right hip and grins
  14. That’s disgusting but I find myself strangle drawn to you.  :p
  15. Any women who will play the purple pipe is worth a go mate. 2nd rate head beats 1st class w@nk.

    Freudian slip?