My kind of pub.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by robroy, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Mines a pint.
  2. Sounds like my kind of place.
  3. See you at the bar, mate.
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  4. The ale looks cheap so I`d go.
  5. Do they serve real ale to beardy blokes wearing sandals?
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How can the pub be in Hamphire, Dorest? Unless it crosses the border that is.
  7. Thanks, Jarrod, if I'm up that way I'll have a look! My favourite city pub for a long while was The Victoria in Beeston, Nottingham. Chilling out in their marquee with a pint, a paper & some live music was always a joy.

    I'm not telling anyone what my favourite country pub is as (a) I'm a jack bastard, (b) it's busy enough already, and (c) it could do without an ARRSE crawl turning up & people being sick in the grandfather clock or bothering the farm animals outside. That's my job.
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  8. Sex Menace for 2.50 I never knew Prince Albert was so 'reasonable'.
  9. my local sounds a bit different


    it doesnt have a grandfather clock
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  10. Surely once a farm animal gets involved in "that sort of thing" it ceases to be an animal and becomes a comfort worker?
  11. I'll echo that, used to be my local before the divorce. You forgot to mention the miserable cunt of a landlord - no mobile phones, no screaming kids after 2000hrs, total disregard for the status of some of the wannabe suits from the local IT company across the railway. My sort of landlord. Just great beer, great food and enough whiskeys to make a porridge wog piss in his sporran. Oh and if you're based at Chilwell, it's just 5 minutes on the bus.
  12. TBH, mush_dad, I never knowingly met the miserable landlord. Mobile phone ban was very welcome & while I support child-friendly pubs (as long as the child is seen & not heard) the in the tent only/not in the evenings rule was good too. It was just a decent, grown up, peaceful place like a pub should be.

    If I was feeling energetic of a weekend I'd walk from the Mess down to The Lakes then along the river bank to the Vic & then undo all the good the exercise had done me by eating & drinking my own bodyweight & taking a cab home again. When I was playing for Nottingham Casuals I used to drop in to buy whichever candidate for MrsPlume was about at the time to buy her dinner to thank her for coming to the match & doing the driving.

    My other favourite Nottingham pub was The Bell on the Market Square on a Tuesday night for Johnnie Johnston's jazz band, even if the pianist did appear to leer at my then other half. Surprised the dear old chap didn't have a heart attack as she had very big norks & very small tops.