my kind of Bonus scheme

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proper_Gander, May 20, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen
  2. We didn't get those perks when I worked for a reinsurer.
  3. I bet every unit would pass a board of officers, ECI and Techeval etc if they had something like that to look forward to!!
  4. 100 guests to 20 prozzies?

    Not the best of ratios surely?
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  5. Next year, instead of rewarding their best people, they're going to sub-contract their under-achievers to a Moscow brothel.
  6. Sounds better than the Taliban version of Heaven to me.
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  7. Worth a nice rumble in the centre of the 'shot though!

    Think about it, done right, only 40 are going to be shit out of luck!
  8. I must be missing something as I don't follow your logic.
  9. you obviously don't get it. only the achievers get a shag. the others just get teased. ;)

    oh and the management get the best of the hookers.... apparently.
  10. Did the best saleswomen get free sex too?
  11. I wish I could have a bonus for simply doing my job. Any bonus will do. I've never had any kind of bonus... ever. It's a fcuking outrage so it is. Whores, beer tokens, curry vouchers... not fussed. Just something... [sniff] Coming to think of it, I've never been promoted either. Maybe I'm just crap? Off to wallow now. [/sniff]
  12. send me your managers details, i'll sort you out for a bonus :)

    the place i used to work had a factory in Holland, about 20 miles from Amsterdamm. The top salesmen would get taken over for a factory tour and a night out in A/damm as a reward for good performance, and it was "understood" that you could have a go at one of the ladies in the red windows. Nothing official mind, but the boss would sit and wait in the bar while you went and spent 50 of his euro's
  13. I am the fcuking manager!