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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by bullybite, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Looking optimistically to the short term future, I am hoping to make it through to the Engineers before I am too old. I am married and have 2 kids. I know that initially I will be separated from my family, but I was wondering what are the rules on say my kids coming to stay with me on base for weekends? When I am stationed after training that is. Is it out of the question, or can things be arranged?
    Any info, greatly appreciated.
  2. After training you can get a Married Quarter (Service Families Accommodation(SFA)). So your kids will be with you. Unless you plan on living in the block and having your kids stay in your room. That would be... frowned upon.
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  3. But would go down great for "Cons" duties.
  4. Depends on the unit but we (used to)have welfare flats so single dads could have their kids to stay at the weekend.
  5. Oh, the modern army. How times have changed.
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  6. Didn't he say he is 'married with 2 kids'? It wasn't clear whether he intends to leave his family somewhere else (own house perhaps) whilst he stays at his unit. All I can say is that it will be a bloody long commute from Kinloss.
  7. That is just it, we own a house. So initially I would need to take the plunge and live on base making regular trips home at weekends and hopefully my kids coming to stay with me for the odd weekend over the school holidays. We have not decided whether we would sell the house and get married quarters or to rent it out. I presume from what you are all saying depends upon where I am based and what facilities they have available. Welfare flats seem like a good option. I guess what I am trying to establish is, does the Army try to make this sort of thing easier for parents away from there kids or do they just put brick walls in the way/
    Thanks again for all of your comments
  8. I think you have taken the correct decision. After some time you will get used to it.
  9. Don't worry about weekends, mate. As a sprog in a working unit, you will do lots and lots of stagging on at weekends. Other weekends will have you out on exercise with all your new mates. The Army is a lifestyle, not a job. Choose what you do wisely.

    Good luck.
  10. You need to readjust your aim there, big fella. The Army doesn't need to make things easier for your personal arrangements. They, the Army, don't put brick walls in the way of anything, you decide to join up, you find out the Terms and Conditions of Service, you make lifestyle choices accordingly.

    You and your family can decide to serve Married Accompanied or Married Unaccompanied. What you decide to do with your house is entirely up to you and sweet FA to do with the Army.

    Good luck for the future.
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  11. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Royal Engineers : mad Methodist and married .
    have no idea who coined that phrase . good luck mate
  12. He's not a single dad though. He is married and will see his kids when he finally gets weekends off and travels home to the house that his wife and kids will be living in. Why would he not want to go home and spend time there with his wife and children? Surely it's just as easy for him to travel home, as it would be to get his children to him at a camp with all the faffing about that that would entail?
    If he chooses to serve married unaccompanied, after training, that is exactly what it is, a choice. The only person putting up 'brick walls'. as he puts it, in that case would be him. Welfare flats are for welfare cases not because someone chooses to serve married unaccompanied.
  13. Thanks for all of your comments, I have been given a start date in June. Really excited /aprehensive. We decided to keep an open mind and see where I am based before making a decision on commuting or married quarters.

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  14. Thats taken a while Bully.
    It'll be 21mths since you first poised the question then.
  15. Yes mate, shit recruitment system. But got there in the end :-D

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