My internet explorer has a virus

You are infected with the internet version of AIDS. Disconect now, before you infect us all.

Take your pc outside and burn it.


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Download Malwarebytes and then switch to Firefox you silly fellow.

Might want to try Hijackthis

can't seem to get a link to a site - but if you google it I'm sure you'll find a link

Once you've downloaded the software and run it - go through the details until you find a link to your nasty site!!
You can get help here.
Someone with a similar problem helped here.
Can you edit your first post to remove that link? Someone may be daft enough to click on it.

(I would nuke the hard drive btw and not mess about trying to fix it.)
Warrior-Webbing said:
I agree, its time for a format, its far safer. Then as others have said either Firefox or even google chrome.
If you are going to give advice, please do so with a basic understanding of the advice you are giving.

There is no requirement to reformat in this instance.

Well you brit ******* have done it again.

It does it with firefox also. If you see the error message it is tied to any windows component. If you look at your "my computer" look at your disk drives they are windows based the popup will come up and Volia ITS FIREFOX because that is now your BROWSER = INFECTED!

Speaking from Current Exp which in the research to find a solution to the problem led me to this site.

Keep searching.

OH BTW It is a program designed to use what ever windows components and other browser types besides firefox/mozilla, IE and others
Good day
Before doing anything desperate, and if your problem is fairly recent.
might be worth doing a System Restore to a restore point previous to you getting the problem.

What it will do is undo any changes to the system of your PC, any docs that you've created/changed will be ok
To access System Restore,
go into All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore
and follow the instructions,
I have a virus pick me!
Only one way to go....i had Norton antivirus on mine, updated and laptop went slow, so i deleted norton, went to a site called Avast....downloaded free anti virus, and it picked up over 500 adware cookies / trojans....this avast is excellent, even talks to you when it finds something....try it now...its free

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