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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by boobs, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Maybe a stupid question but do AAC soldiers fight in combat? ive looked over and what ive found is contradicting. like the official stuff doesnt say so, apart from the possible need to defend the operating bases and refeuling points. but then again i read something about AAC soldiers going on patrol in afghanistan.
  2. The only time you're likely to see air troopers fight is if you borrow their hairdryer without asking, or hog the mirror.
  3. Army Air Corps soldiers are usually called to task in obscure places in the world such as the Los Angeles underground. If you look closely at Col Hannible smith and Capt HM Murdoch you will see their powder blue berets stuck in their belt loops.

    Air Trooper Colt Seavers is another 1980s Army Air Corps veteran who puts right problems on a global basis and knacks every cnut he sees... then bums the fit blonde, as in Corps tradition.

    Stealthlike, heroic, swift and sure, singers of songs and ballads, first to the FEBA and last in the bar..... again, an Air Troopers battle ground (especially if the trogs are in)

    Storeman and pilots are slightly different however. Flash as an example is a dodging cnut who has less tours to his credit that Judy Dench and has a biff chit for all occasions. Normans are just grots however they are trained to stamp on mines should they run out of spastics and other useless people.
  4. i prefer both those answers to the standard 'no'. Thing is i want a combat role but as im planning to make a career out of it i want a higher rate of promotion than the infantry - i heard the AAC had that and at the same time i saw the thing about the AAC patrolling.

    EDIT: any advice? ta
  5. They patrol the bars and clubs in the early hours and plug any left over fatties, nick their remotes and leave skiddies in their toilets........ if they get as far as the toilet before their bottom seal is broken.

    They also patrol the skies looking for large inanimate objects to fly into
  6. So... you would rather run shooting operations with the 2nd echelon rather than doing so with the real professionals because you want to be promoted faster? Makes as much sense as tits on a bull. If you want to get into a scrap, then it behooves you to do so along side the most solid and professional soldiers you can find because it's much too serious and lethal a business to run about with the part time help. Of course... be prepared to grab your nuts and prove you can hang with them.
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Oh, dear, you have walked into a minefield here!! :lol:

    There are several sorts of people in the AAC ... those that drive aircraft and those that help them do it. Some can, some can't ...

    Being able to run away at 120 knots has some appeal ... dropping like a stone from 500 ft is less appealing.

    Generally speaking [and I'm willing to be contradicted] the AAC is all about operating small aircraft. What happens on the ground [in a nasty "people shooting at you" kind of way] should be prevented by "other people".

    Have you ever considered a career in the Royal Air Force? :lol:

  8. Or the Salvation Army (Bless 'em!) have a fast track promotion scheme! :idea:
  9. Presumably, only after he's drawn a blank with the more prestigious uniformed institutions aka, Group 4 security and Pontins elite Blue Coats. :p
  10. Sometimes AAC groundies get attatched to other units on Certain tours and due to a variety of skills (Dvr/sigs) can find themselves at the sharp end. This also happens to other cap badges
  11. That made me laugh. ta for the comments, looking into something else.
  12. If you want combat on a daily basis the the AAC is the place....Just get a posting to 1 Regt AAC in Gutersloh and you'll be fighting the leftie Loggies. :dead: :threaten: :skull:

    Just ask Taffridge or Groovygunner
  13. He wanted a career in combat BS - RAF are about as aggressive as cotton wool fella! :evil:
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whatever ... it's a girl's life in the RAF :oops:


    One applies the RAF lotion with cotton wool ... it takes time to achieve the full effect 8)