My horrible situation

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fluffer, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Ok, i was joining the regular army as infantry, i got my date for selection after passing initial medical with the doc, i then got into a serious relationship and started my A Levels.

    Im still in that love i guess you could say but my passion to joing up is just as strong, im confused, ive started A Levels (AS) im in this long term loving relationship but i want to join up.

    If it wernt for the partner id join up ASAP but thats stopping me, and being with her..yes her! the same time as been in the army will be tough work as ive read!!!

    I need some worldly advise the the arrse crew..

    thanks :?

  2. Is she fit? Care to provide a picture?

    Just to help with judging what course of action you should take...
  3. incoming?


    oh dear!

  4. Join man join. You'll get loads of flange when you're in.
  5. i knew there would be a request for a photo, ever since the old-school thread of the not so faithful girlfriend..

    which scares me, we have been together 10 months now, but i want to go into york regiment and i live in leicester.

    I know i will regret not doing it, and i need a good hard think, but any more suggestions or advise, maybe from people who have been in that situation? id be more than grateful.
  6. FFS you're what 17? Do you really think the girl you're with now is the same one you'll be with when you're 20? Or 30? Or 40? Because the Army'll take you there.

    It doesn't really matter what regiment you join you're unlikely to spend your entire career within half an hour of Leicester. And why would you want to?

    Man up. :roll:
  7. Thanks for your biased advise, i know what im going to do, join up, i'll still try keep it going, you know, i might not pass selection!! Hopefuly next post will be of my getting messed up with the paper work or something..
  8. for which you will need this
    flange tool
  9. These A Levels, I take it they are not for English? Seriously, we have all been in that position at some stage or other, some have even left over a so called serious relationship only for it to end some time after; they invariably end up wanting to re-join. Only you can decide if you want to join up but my advice, for what it is worth, is to complete your A Levels first and then join.

    If you are intent on joining now and your relationship does fail (it may not) then as codename1157 points out there is no shortage of fanny.
  10. Only tell her the night before you leave for the ATR (if then) or send her a card from Pirbright start it Dear Jane :D
  11. oh yes what a horrible situation :roll:

    i'm actually living abroad and have most my mates, belongings and the best gf you could possibly imagine (she's fit too) here and i'll be leaving everything behind to join the army.

    i suppose it's harder for some than for others
  12. My EX boyfriend told me if I joined the army he would leave me, so I just said f*** you then!

    Simple as...

    If she cares about you she will be willing to support your choice as you obviously want it so much, if not then shes just selfish and only really cares about herself

    JOIN! because you will regret it a few years down the line if you decide to split
  13. I went through a very similar situation mate. Last january was supposed to go for my 2nd interview, changed my mind about joining over a girl. regretted it staight away. luckily for me she binned me off in april. staright into careers office told them what i twat i had been. start phase 1 next month. You will only regret it if you dont join. Unless she is the daughter of some russian billionaire.
  14. Made the mistake of taking a females needs over my own a long time ago, never got to fulfil my childhood dreams of being a regular soldier, IMHO, its what you want that matters mate..but only you can make the decision

    good luck
  15. Join the infantry mate, you will not regret it.
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