My Heart Murmur might be more serious than i thought.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SoulCal93, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. SoulCal93

    SoulCal93 Swinger

    Just got back from the doctors and they found out i have 2 valves instead of 3, the murmur i have is small but if i do weight lifting everyday for 2 hours it strains my heart and this could lead to the murmur to get bigger and i could end up having a heart attack.

    The Heart surgeon said that i might have it later on in life maybe when i am 50 they are not too sure, the Heart surgeon also mentioned that the Army wants to have its recruits in full strenght and healthy with no problems at all.

    My report has been sent to Pirbright and they are going to decide if i am aloud to carry on my Physical training since i passed Medical.

    Do you think the Army will let me in? I am determined to join and i wont give up that easily, i know this is the right career for me and i will be upset if i cant join i really i like the idea of serving my country and i am confident that i can be good at job i have chosen to do.
  2. Pointless asking on here. Try joining up and see what happens although be prepared for disappointment when you're rejected as being 'wheezy'.
  3. SoulCal93

    SoulCal93 Swinger

    I cant fucking believe this, my life comes crashing down on me. I was so hell bent on signing up.
  4. 5A's right, you'll get all sorts of random answers here. Talk to your doctor or consultant to see what effect this will have on your life and whether you're at a significantly raised risk of a heart attack.

    If you do want speculation then I'm inclined to be pessimistic; heat + strenuous exercise + dodgy ticker can very easily = keel over and die. Look at the JSP 346 thread for further details but be aware that the rules may be subject to change in the future.
  5. SoulCal93

    SoulCal93 Swinger

    I dont really care if i die from a heart attack in the army i know a career in the army is for me and thats whats annoying me.
  6. You might not care, but the Army does. It costs a bloody fortune if you die on Army time, and the paperwork.....
  7. How old are you? Fcuking 12?
  8. Have you done selection ? if not, you could try and keep quiet until asked, if its med docs then someone will see them and a decision will be made, least you will have tried.
  9. lemonkettaz

    lemonkettaz War Hero

    Gutted man,

    This was my worst fear too.

    You never know you might be alright in the end
  10. neilf49

    neilf49 Old-Salt

    im guessing either his doc picked up on it when he first got his med forms, or they picked up on it when he got to selection, either way gutted mate, only thing to do is to speak to doc and see what there is you can do.
  11. don_gorgon

    don_gorgon Clanker

    i feel for you soulcal for something that couldn't be prevented may stop you getting in, but you'll have to see it this way for example, if you keel over whilst running across open ground in Afghan, you'll be putting your mates lives in danger when they have to dash out after you..

    good luck in which ever way it works out..