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My Groin is on Fire - and I haven't had Un-protected Sex with any Slappers Lately

So I guess it's running that is causing the problem - especially in the hot weather. A quick google suggests that cotton boxers may be the issue, so my question to the ARRSE collective is have any of you got any recommendations for an alternative. My mind is open to both technical pants and pantless, all-in-one type shorts.
Boxers are the running pants of the Devil; wear M&S slips or just get proper running shorts with built-in knickers. Proly counter-intuitive but don't wash the sore bits for a couple of days and use Canesten thrush cream.



just for you
I'm not too sure what the problem is exactly. I always run in underarmour. Never chaffed since.

I had them recommended to me by our troopie after she spotted my bollocks gasping for air during a PT session several years ago.

I can also recommend savlon. St Savlon is the patron saint of fat hairy blokes. I have worshipped at the cooling altar several times in the past.

Is that it?

Or have you got a urinary tract infection???

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