My Great Grandfather and his service records


I finally have discovered which unit my great Grandfather served with in WW1. 24th Bn the CEF 2nd Canadian division. Not a great surprise, we had always understood him to be in the infantry and that he was likely to be in the 2nd Division due to the date of his enlistment.
This is due to the Canadian Veterans affairs dept having finally digitised the records. The pdf's are slow to load but they have been interesting. I was unaware that he was treated for Syphilis, shell shock and an infected forearm. I have loads to get through but its been an eye opener so far! 84 pages in his records.
CVA (and 'Stralia) have been well ahead of the game with regard to the availability of historic Military records-then again, unlike UK, they weren't hampered by loss of records to a BFO fire.

Good luck with your research, chap.

The Victoria Rifles of Canada (24th Bn the Canadian Infantry) - are covered in some depth in a very detailed book and "a fine history" about the battalion on the Western Front. It's currently nearly half price, £9.99, from the Naval and Military Press.

24th BATTALION C.E.F. VICTORIA RIFLES OF CANADA 1914-1919 - Naval & Military Press

2nd Canadian Division – The Long, Long Trail

Edited to add, there's a nice PDF of R.C. Featherstonehaugh's (ed.) original work on the 24th Bn the Canadian Infantry (printed 1930) online, at Untitled - Collections CA: When clicked, the link might just download the PDF file.
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Interestingly this reading is dispelling some of the tales of war passed down by my elderly relatives. Interesting indeed.
I was unaware that he was treated for Syphilis, shell shock and an infected forearm.
Well, we've all been to at least one party like that, haven't we? :-D

All joking aside, the detail you can find in the online archives for Canadian and ANZAC troops in WW1 is impressive, and hugely informative
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