my granpa


hey a bit of a sad post but my granpas has cancer and its terminal they say he has 6 months max! but am due to go to basic on the 9th this monday! if he gets worse or even dies when am at basic will they let me go home? he wants me to go so am defo going on the 9th i hope that he gets to see my passing out pictures but i have to think of the worst just incase!
does anyone know or have the same problem thanks


You'll be granted compassionate leave if he takes a turn for the worse during your training.

You will be able to take time out and resume training afterwards.

Make sure that your training staff are aware of your situation, it is a standard question that is usually asked, ie how are your close family members.

You will also have access to MOD and SSAFA welfare/social workers who are experts in supporting you through these types of situation, so touch base with them as well.

Good luck :wink:
Im not sure how but works in the army but in the raf they will only let to go home if its family.. friends are a no no!! How ever 6 weeks into basic you get to come home so you should be ok mate
best of luck on your basic and good luck to ur grandad


sorry to hear that
my grandad died on monday, i was hoping hed live to see me pass out, as he was a millitary man
hope he fights thru it

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