My Grandad hero

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. I always new my Grandad had served in the second world war however I found out last night he was highly decorated, to say I was proud was an understatment, I've included a link below to a photo of him with his comerades in action. Im sure you'll agree it's very emotive...

    Cpl Smith - 3 Plt
  2. You're a bad bad person.
  3. I'm the one in the middle!! Where did you get this?
  4. Thirty-five Hail Mary's for that one.
  5. In a shoe box of his things, with his medals and capbadge.
  6. Must go bleach my eyes.
  7. Do your arrse while your at it, theres something errotic about a white as,shole, anal bleaching is for winners.....

    My Grandad
  8. work PC wont let me see! (err not that I'm on ARRSE in work time!)
  9. Do you mean erotic or erratic?

    And I'm not even going to think about clicking on that last link, I've just had something to eat.
  10. Cait, your grandfather is indeed a brave and valiant chap.

    My great grandfather fought in the late 1800s and early nineteen hundreds and saw action in the Boer and Zulu wars

    Ideal in that he adored black c0ck
  11. Realy baaaaaad. Even for NAFFI. 8O
  12. Why?

    Does the picture of elderly gentlemen enjoying each others company offend you?

    I find it fantastic that comrades who meet in times of conflict continue their freindship for years to come and happily jack off into each others mouths during their autumn years.

    I hope I'm like that when I grow old

    Where is your Dunkirk spirit?
  13. He faught bravely in the Western desert Campaign under Monty's command, he was part of the infantry advance at El Alamein forcing the retreat of the Axis line.......but it wasnt with rifles nor heavy guns that saw the enemy run scared, no! It was the threat of a jolly good bumming if my Grandad and the rest of his pink plt got hold of them.

    Winston Churchill said "This is not the end, nor is it even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning for tactical buggering."

    Grandad in dessies
  14. consider yourself very lucky. I should have known better than to look.
  15. Your Grandfather makes me stand rigid in awe....... in more ways than one.

    You must be emmensly proud, allow me to mount his picture in a posh from in his memory?

    In an effort to try and emulate his heroism and try to step up to the plate I've jammed a lolly stick down my japper