my girlfriend cheated on me

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by London_native, May 16, 2010.

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  1. I have been with her just over 3 years and was planning to propose to her after basic and eventually have kids. But today i found out shes been speaking to men on a dating website and i went out to run but forgot something and went back home . And when i opened the door she shouted NO slammed the bathroom door shut and found her holding her phone. I feel so lost now what do i do?
  2. Has your missus's phone got a vibrate function?
  3. Man up and get smashed!!!!!!
  4. I call wind up.
  5. No? Really?
  6. Why would this be a wind up? My girlfriend has cheated on me i have thrown her out my flat but dont know if i should take back. I see it as i cant trust her when im home let alone in the Army, However i have a deep love for her but cant tell if its mutual anymore.
  7. To crass for wedge.
  8. Show us some naked photos of her ;)

    If you don't have any, you can have some that she sent to me if you like?
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Has she cheated or is she just talking to other blokes

    Basicaly a couple of choices

    Man the **** up pack up yer troubles in yer old kit bag and smile and crack on
    E mail celebrity tosspot Dany Dyer for some advice
    Take her back

    Or get rid forget about it in a few months you'll be up to your nuts in guts anyway what with being a soldier and a hero and all that
  10. Stab her. How very dare she speak to other people on a website. That's just downright rude that is. The only punishment is death I'm afraid.

    Hope this helps.
  11. Your going in the army you will soon get over it, if she has cheated why would you want her back she aint worth it. Been through sort of the same recently myself, just man up.
  12. They are all snakes with tits......shag her sister/mum /best friend or possibly all three at once with pictures posted on internet and sent to all her friends/family/work mates.
  13. Your mrs has been searching for men to shag on the internet, I bet you feel a right twat don't you?
  14. But probably not could be leaking.......
  15. I was talking to this really dirty bird who I met on the internet, she apparently takes it up the ricker and likes nothing more than getting spit roasted by ex squaddies, anyway she was just getting down to telling me about how her boyfriend can't get it up and wants to join the Army when she suddenly shouted 'NO' ! then I heard a door slam before she started crying and hung up :? Weird 8O