my girl is depressing me !

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by parapricey, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Im 19 years old and so close to starting my life as a member of the parachute regiment, ive wanted to be in the forces since i was a toddler and she knows this, its my dream job and im gonna grab it with both hands with or without her support, when were talking on the phone i'd bring up something like' ive been booked for a para insight course very soon' and that will lead onto me going out to afghan or iraq and getting killed and how she will nener be happy again and so on.I mean damn in her eyes its suicide,dont get me wrong i love her to bits but she needs to realise that id rather be what i wanted to be for a short amount of time than something i hate doing forever.

    what the **** can i say to calm her down about this ?

    cheers guys

    plz be nice she is still my girlfriend lol
  2. Aw f*ck off.
  3. lol....absolute geniuse reply Biscuits!!!!!

    ParaPricey, no matter how much you explain to ppl about statistics and safety and blah blah blah. They won't understand. Just go for it and if it all goes down hill then thats her problem, your doing what you wanna do!

    Crack on

    Good luck
  4. it's your life mate,

  5. For how much longer?

    Career or girlfriend.....?

    Girlfriends come and go, but careers tend to stick around!

  6. Perhaps, I ,mean if you really love her you could compromise a bit and do something a wee bit safer, like join a civvy organisation...Like the RAF? They hardly ever even go outdoors, so its pretty safe.
  7. Do you wear lavender?
  8. parapricey MAN UP you wet fart.
  9. everyday baby.
  10. Pssst. Who's going to be first to ask him for her telephone number??

  11. what's her phone number?
  12. 118-118 then ask for ur mum
  13. Side-splitting stuff that Pricey.
  14. civilianpricey, your bint is a crap shag and you're a ponce, if you have to join anything, join a drama club.
  15. Fcuking muppet, get her over for a nice chat, shag her then sit her down and tell her you want to finish it if she cant "let you follow your dreams"

    jobs a good un you big poof