My Gammy Toe

The toe nail on my big toe has come off, playing netball & running it just got bruised underneath, went black and about 4 weeks later dropped off. I’ve always had bruised toes from sport but this is the first time the nail has dropped off.

Problem is every time I do any sport now it bleeds loads, it hurts like a bi.tch and I’m feeble where pain is concerned.

Questions are:

What can I do to protect it whilst playing sport, i dont want to wrap a huge straping over it, i run like a spaz already without looking like a have a club foot to boot? Will it grow back or will I be forever known as Gammybigtoecait ?
Get a size 12 Assualt Boot and wear that instead of a trainer to protect it when your doing you stuff!

Should work!
Toe nail should grow back eventually, make sure you keep the area clean so it doesn't go horrible!
You can get very small tubi-grip type stuff for fingers, you could try putting that on your toe as it's small and thin, so if you had a small bit of padding under the tubi-grip it won't affect your running look...hopefully! If it keeps going horrid go see a doc/nurse! But by protecting it a bit it should help prevent it from keep getting bashed up!!
Don't go and see a health professional- you may get an infection and die if you do.
Get some foam toe protectors from Boots. Foam thimble shaped covers that worn under your socks will afford some protection.
Also check that your socks and trainers are big enough- you may need to go up a half size. Make sure also that you have them done up tightly enough too as your foot may be slipping forwards too much.
You could always keep your toe in my mouth..... it has marvellus healing qualities and I imagine my arm is as long as your leg which is handy :D

I will retreat into my inventing chamber and fashion an aluminim toe thimble... to keep it in place I am suggesting that its rivetted and attached to a pair of over the shoulder braces.

Its a while since I had liftynailsyndrome, strapping them up doesn't work.... I strapped my toe to my grandad, he was a tram driver and the idea failed witin the hour.

You could always lift every other toe nail and paint the end of your stumps in order that you can wear horny strappies..... please send piccies

Mine dropped off once, can't remember why but I went on a beach holiday t'week after and kept getting sand in it, then salt water, then it got stood on dancing like a mong at night. After a couple of days this greeny - yellow - brown stuff was seeping out of it and the flesh went purple. I doused it in TCP and went about my business of walking barefoot through sand, swimming in the sea and dancing like a mong.

It'll grow back, don't worry, will take about two weeks to get a semi - hard (hehehe) covering where now it is red and fleshy, you'll be reet after that.

Keep it exposed to the air as much as pos, and the nurse lady is correct in prescribing one of those tubey bandages. She'll go far that one.
booby said:
Don't go and see a health professional- you may get an infection and die if you do.
U may get an infection and loose your toe if you don't.

Booby, I hope you get admitted to my ward some day!! :twisted:
Bloody same situation happened to me. Both my big toes are blue and a couple of other toes to boot. Bit painful but looks ten times worse than it is, wouldnt normally give a toss but got a medical for the army coming up god knows what some doctors going to say.

I know where i get the bruised toes from aswel. Im a 6 foot 3 centre half and for some reason centre forwards from every team i play against feel the need to stand on my toes with the studs on their heels. Cant understand why. Now i bandage my toes before matches so they dont get any worse. Hopefully the doc will be a male footy fan and understand. And to all you forwards out there stop standing on my bloody toes, is it not enough that i have to spend 90 mins running after youse!!!
Hmmm bit strange if it is bleeding loads still, I know it sounds a bit gross but have you had a good poke around in the nail bed - is there any left over nail there that might be causing it to bleed??

I reckon I good option are the toe protectors from Boots, bit on the expensive side for what they are but it should help alleviate the pain until it starts to heal.

Just as a bit of pub trivia did you know it's more common to have black toenails in summer :-D
I always had the sme problem until I got them surgically removed. No problems now.
#14 nan had the same thing a while ago, so I just asked her.

She said "tell the lovely dear I said spit on it after she's brushed her teeth"

I mean alright my nan is a loon but doesn't saliva have magical healing properties or something...?
bollocks my big toe shred a nail 3 or 4 months ago it ripped 3/4 off when i was playing football in a warehouse. i just pulled the last bit off, bit of bog roll and elecy tape is all i used. 3 months later ive got a nice new nail. It didnt hurt that much and i managed to keep playing football/general fitness stuff. oh and i had a medical when it was still raw, doc didnt even mention it.
lost both my big toenails on commando cse, doc said "keep them clean and check for infection daily". still passed, but they never did grow back properly.

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