My Future in the Army (Criminal Conviction)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TwentyThreeSixtyEight, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. What you haven't told us is what the alleged crime was. This is important as no-one can give an answer with only minimal facts.

    You WILL have to disclose ALL convictions when you apply. The Forces are one of the 'firms' that can ignor the 5 year rule about non-disclosure.
  2. Yes, they will be. And without knowing the full details, the fact that it is, as you say, a 'sexual' offence, then I would think that you will be unlikely to be accepted. If convicted, will you be on the sexual offenders register? This will definately go against you.

    If you wish me to help further, PM me in confidence.
  3. As far as the army is concerned, sexual offences do not become spent for the purposes of recruiting. I take it the lady in question was below the age of consent reading between the lines? If you get a not guilty verdict then no problem, I understand Michael jackson could recommend a very good lawyer if you are in fact guilty of alleged offence.
  4. Thanks for that Warrior, I'll consider giving him a call.

    Mods can feel free to lock/delete thread, I don't see much more use coming out of it.