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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by teen-smiler, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Firstly im bored and no "the ********" wnt let me write anyhthing and i want to tell you about what happened to my friend last night/today.
    Also may i appologise for my lack of correct grammer, spelling and puncuation. Its a long story and trust me i have tried2 cut it down!

    Some questions for you to think about. Now on with the story,

    My friend (i promise you it is my friend and not like some stories and is actualy the author) lets call her emily, is 15, 16 in July, and has been going out with her 16 year old boyf (17 in november) since january this year.

    They met through me, via msn, i met him through another friend who met him through a friend. Anyway, i was introduced to him and i started 2 like him but i had never met him, well anyway nothing happened thro that and still having never met him, i introduced him 2 emily. Well they hit it off didnt they, the ******** wouldnt go out with me but he went out with emily, hu isnt exactly pretty, a lot of other friends basicly thought he only wanted 2 go out with her cos she has big tits and he wanted sum action, well i met him on their first date and sum fitties that went 2 his school :D

    I think they have had sex altho she hasnt said anyhrting his friends say they have and well when she was 12 she gave a now gay boy a blowjob, anyway, she spends all her time on her phone and texting him, even tho phones should be both doing school at risk of a detention (for sum1 hu wants 2 get into med school and do plastic surgory and stuff maight not be wise,

    anyway, mother got phone bill, it was loads, so HER MUM WENT THROUGH HER PHONE and messages without emily knowing! and found some "inopropriate texts and a video" of him wanking apparently. well, her mum phoned emilys dad and then larrys parents and emily is:
    banend from having her phone/going on msn/seeing him (they said ever again), altho smily is the type 2 over react things she was upset, both of them think they r 2 spend the rest oftheir lifes 2gether, altho he is like that about every girlf he has had!!


    If you had discovered, inopriate tetxs/video on you 15 year old daughters phone, what would you do??
    Would you have gone through her phone in the 1st place??
    Woudl you let her go out with a boy in her GCSE year/term? -seing as she wants to go to med school and become a plastic surgeon, she needs excellent grades, which r possible, but needs 2 work - basicly my friend thinks she is always right,

    im hapyp ive got that off my chest and would be intereted to hear your comments!
    If its any interest, this is her 2nd boy, and longest relationship (jan -today)

    Cheers guys!!
  2. WAH.......
  3. WAH WAH.....

    But ever so slightly arousing........
  4. Cheers mate!!

    Wow i just realised that really is a long message sorry!
    Thanks for reading it though
    Personly i think she is overeacting a little bit, but thats her personality!
  5. Hahaha, brilliant...
  6. Hugh, you being of the "younger generation" around here , any chance of a bit of a translation?????
  7. What in the name of the great spaghetti monster has this go to do with anything.

  8. Are you on the right website?
  9. yeah ok, i know it doesnt really!
    but i really needed 2 tell someone, anyone,

    i feel a lot better now though :)
    to sum up as requested "any chance of a bit of a translation????? "
    Best friend, aged 15 hooked up with a 16 year old (shock horror i know :eek:!)
    who doesnt go to our school, sheknows him through me and other friends
    had sex and other shiz,
    parents found a tape of him wanking on her phone (well i think thats what it is, all ive heard is its of him and not her and i cant really think what else it could be thats so bad) and "Inoproriate" texts, i dnt know what they said tho
    parents banned her from seeing him again
    and msn
    and her mobile

    the question?
    would you do the same if it was your underage daughter??
    and shes not really a slag, she had text sex when she was like 12/13, gave same as textsex guy a blojob when she was 12/13 and now apparently has gone the hole way with htis new fella

    is that any better tranlation?? probaly not but owell

    and this isnt a joke, so its not point going WAH at me!
  11. You could have just said
    "SSSSSsssslllllllllllutty mate with massive chebs made the beast of two backs with some ned nonce who groomed her on the internet after you pimped her out to him. He wacked the Wooky on film and her parents uploaded it to YouTube now you feel guilty that she will end up a single mum on the dole and not a plastic surgeon"

    Now as a bird you have the urge to gossip hence the thread, now step away from the keyboard and give yourself a damm good talking to.
  12. CHEERS!
    Look, its not really in character for my friend, compared 2 some of the girls in my school!

    i like your answer thank you, it really is interesting! especially as what you would do to himand her!
  13. By Logic your not very attractive but large chebed mate noshes off a kid and he grows to be gay, so following that same logic her new fella will grow up to be .......

  14. Im 17 and can relate to your story, PM me and i will give advice? Also do you live up north? its a bastard getting darrn sarrff.