my friend Kiran

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by McMee, May 21, 2006.

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  1. hi there, i was back at sunny Blandford, RSS, doing my class 1 tech course during 2004/2205 and on the course with me was Kiran. i'm trying to get back in touch with him or find an address for him. i believe he has been posted to Brunei. if anyone knows of his where abouts or contact info please email '' thanks :lol:
  2. "I've got something really important to tell you"

    Run Kiran, run; the CSA will be after you shortly.
  3. Kiran or Kishan? I knew of a Kishan at 2 sigs.......he is a class 1 techie.
  4. A little off thread, but in the early 90s there was apparently a mrs pun who would come to the Church Crookham gate looking for her man, Johnny(!), " because they were married legal like, innit"
  5. Is this Kiran fella short, big thighs, black hair?
  6. That narrows it down. You'll be saying he's fit as fuck next.
  7. Sh1t, debt collectors will try all sorts of dirty tricks! Tell him nothing!

    If youre a mate, he will make sure that you have his details. Fcuk off and get some real mates.