My Friend a Walt or Not

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flyinghussar, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Views and opinions please I know what I think!! I have been out a while so rarely wear anything military except sometimes a small badge on my collar or a Rugby shirt with Reg badge during the Rememberance period . However I have a friend in his mid sixties who will insist on wearing rugby shirts, of which he has many, with various Regimental badges on. Notably Scots Guards, 9/12 Lancers, Gurka Rifles to name a few. He says he just likes the badges. I say why would you want to wear the badge of a regiment you have never served in especially as you have never been in the forces at all. He does'nt seem to think it matters!!! Should I buy him a Rugby shirt with a SAS badge on? cos thats quite pretty. Anyway not quite on the scale of wearing medals he is not entitled to, but what ever badge you wear or wore I think we are, were, proud enough not to want someone like him to display it on his chest.LOL :?
  2. He's a fcukin old Walt. Slap him round the chops.
  3. As long as he is not making out he has served I don't see a problem.
    Let him crack on, if that floats his boat
  4. Buy him one with the Girl Guides badge on. That'll get a giggle!
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Leave the lad alone. I see many a guy outside the RAC wearing a rugby shirt. What's that all about.

  6. Init film it too, failing that post some pictures so we can have a good old laugh :lol:
  7. I will dig out my wide angle lens as I wil need it. By the way the Rugby shirts from Andrew Hall excellent.
  8. jeeze, what's the big deal. The chaps 65 FFS and wearing a rugby shirt, it's not like he's walting around with a para smock, brown beret, puttees and hob-nailed boots is it.

    I bought a NASA T-Shirt at Cape Kennedy last September does that make me be a wannabe spaceman or just someone who is interested in NASA ?

    I also bought a NASCAR T-Shirt at Michigan Speedway last July does that make me be a wannabe race car driver or just someone who is interested in NASCAR ?
  9. no but you do have a shit taste in fashion have a word with yourself.
  10. Buy a confederate flag & 6 pack of bud light to go with it? ;)
  11. A fat hick tourist?

  12. I saw 15 blokes in England rugby shirts in France at the weekend - doesn't make them a rugby team though does it?

    Cymru am byth
  13. Why were you watching the rugby?
  14. Took my son to Twickenham ... thousands of the walting cnuts there were ... English and Welsh. Something needs to be done.