My flat is under siege by scum - what can I do?

Hi Gentleman,

Thought I would post this here as there are actually some knowledgeable people on this board that might be able to provide some decent advice.

About six weeks ago I split from my GF and moved back into my own flat.

It was quickly noticeable to me that the environs surrounding the flat had completely declined since I had last lived there.

Firstly, we have an alley way that runs past the flats that runs from the street to a very large park area. I see people stood at the entrance of this alleyway daily - I have never seen drugs actually change hands but it is quite obvious what they are up to. This alley provides excellent routes in and out, including into a large park where they could easily lose any police attention.

The street itself is terribly lit and is quite intimidating during the hours of darkness. I asked the management company that manages our building why the lights weren't on at the entrance to the building.
They were quite surprised because apparently they had fixed the lights only a couple of months ago. It turns out someone has removed the lightbulbs. These lights help to illuminate the alleyway, and without them it is in total darkness. It is certainly a combat indicator of skullduggery going on.

On the other side of the building my flat overlooks a green that backs onto a bridge with a dual carriageway. The bushes at the back of this green are used nightly for drug taking and drug dealing by a group of between 6-12 people. At night time I can see torches and lighters being lit in the bushes constantly. My balcony overlooks all of this so I can sit watching their activities to my hearts content. They are on mobile phones often and often have very loud shouting matches. I imagine they are very intimidating to walk past.

The general ambience of the area screams 'shithole' now. At night there all sorts of unsavoury characters lurking, often in groups.

Because the area is next to the town centre it has always had its fair share of druggies and homeless passing through but this is something else.

I have made a report to the police via their website and although they acknowledged receiving it I haven't heard anything about it.

As much as I want to channel my inner Punisher and start shooting them with a crossbow from my balcony, what are my options?
Is there any way I can get the police to bother to do anything?

I've got my uncles' Fairbairn & Sykes fighting knives, you could rent them for the night.

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