My fitness routine. OK?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rg1991, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Right lads i start basic in a 3 months going for Paras so ive made a fitness and diet plan that i want to keep to untill i start. So basicly anyone who knows about all this, is it what ive thought up any good, as in right amount of exercise and sufficient amount of food eaten? Right:

    +Breakfast- Bran flakes, Bananna.
    +Fartlek run
    +Recovery meal- Beans on wholemeal toast
    +Weights and max pull ups, pressups, situps
    +Lunch- Chicken, brown rice, jacket potato and bananna OR chicken pasta
    +45 Min swim with light jog there (0.7miles) and back
    +Recovery snack- Brank flakes
    +3 mile run
    +Dinner- Chicken, veg, potato, beans

    +Same breakfast
    +8 mile jog
    +Same recovery meal
    +Lunch- same as monday
    +Dinner- same as above
    +Snack- Brankflakes

    Quick swim ?

    Repeat monday

    Repeat tuesday

    Saturday or Sunday:
    4 mile run and weights

    There lol. Also On rest days would going for a light swim prevent my body from recovering or is it all right.
    Thanks lads.
  2. After two weeks you will never want to see a Bran flake again in your life.
  3. haha my girlfriends dad told me that there good for staying healthy, but i do have to say they dont look to apealing lol.
  4. About your Mondays : Doing those two runs in one day (especially when one is a fartlek session) is crying out for injury, like shin splints, to happen. Drop the 3 mile run later in the day, and focus on a decent Fartlek session.
    Other than that, looks like a decent plan.
    But yeah, you may want to occasionally swap the Bran flakes!
  5. Do you actually have a life/job?
  6. ^To be fair he's not really allocating more than 1-2hours a day to training. So it's quite possibly he has a) a life, b) a job.