my first visit to careers office, and tips, advice, help etc


im going to the careers office on the 4th of jan...

it is my first visit... so what should i expect...
what sort of questions will they ask?
what sort of questions should i ask?

this is my first visit so it shouldn't realy be to much of a systems shock should it?

and tips and advice will be great cheers


Don't believe everything they say, its your choice what you join! Do your own research. What you need to know: What you want out of the job, what you'r going to commit to the job.


Noting special... Just do a bit more paperwork, do the BARB test and talk about the jobs your interested in and if you have the right qaulifications for them etc. Or at least that's what they done with me... And yeah... just don't let them squidge you up in the corner and sign the "infantry" line.


when i went in for first time in june i had to fill in a application form, do the barb test and then they gave me a medical form to give to my doctor

bit of advice when they give you the medical forms take them to your doctor same day and tell them you will pick them up, dont let them send them off themselves it takes way too long, then take them back to your local recruiting office and as soon as your results are back thats when the ball starts rolling....

i dont think they will ask you too many questions jst have a rough idea of what you want to join i.e infantry, royal artillary, royal engineers, if your not sure just tell them that and they will give you some free dvds and magazines to take home,

do you have any idea what you want to join?

good luck!


i want to join the RA... but im going ot make my final choice after the BARB...

but big guns and people with hearing probs would be cool lol
I was in the other day mate. All that happens is you fill in an enquiry form (so they can start a file on you), you watch a video or two :x and if your really keen you complete your AFCO4 (official application) and if you can provide two references you'll be issued the medical forms which you and your doctor need to complete. Its actually really boaring but the AFCO in Cambridge has really fit recruiters!! F.Y.I- stay away from the SSgt, she's married :oops:

I would really concentrate on your PT, as they are really interested in that (although I'm applying for Inf 8) )


im going to army career office in luton... but ill be sure to report back with any new on the recruiters status if you realy want... lol
jason_2000x said:
im going to army career office in luton... but ill be sure to report back with any new on the recruiters status if you realy want... lol

If your primary objective is looking hotties during your visits then you have a bright future in the Army :D.


Ok jovial answer inbound...

...learn to recite the alphabet backwards ;)


things you should take to careers office,

1. passport
2. birth certificate
3. medical card
4. gcse results (if u have them)
5. 2 passport size photos

jst what they told me to bring with me

royal artillarys a good choice, that was in my 3 choices but i decided to go with the infantry and start training 11th march :D

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