My first scooter?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by postman_twit, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. I have reached the age where I'm now able to afford what I would like to have had when I was a teenager.

    I'm looking at buying my first scooter and I'm open to pointers. I'm not going be a hard core rally rider but I'm looking for something that looks good and rides well (a scooter equivilant of Natalie Imbruglia :lol: ).


  2. My first scooter/moped in 1982. A 1981 Suzuki X1, mine was red. From standing in the rain waiting to catch the bus as a 15 year old to being able to go anywhere, anytime as a 16 year old (and in style) is surely the greatest step towards independence and manhood. Happy days.

    What ever you buy make sure you enjoy it.

  3. I presume you mean scooter ( ie- vespa type thing ) ? Some of the originals now fetch stupid money £8 K + , however more modern copys and indeed vespa's are still available , if you mean moped then original FS1E's and AP50's are also stupid money.
    Do a search on goggle or even try your local M cycle shop for advice , the Mods - Rockers thing is for most long over , its now the brotherhood of 2 wheels V 4 wheels , whatever you get enjoy , and heres to a proper summer :)
  4. If its a traditional style of scooter such as a Vespa, have a look at the LML, got a very good rep. Have a look here. They have dealers all over the UK.
  5. Don't get a Lambretta(unless you're R.E.M.E.) unreliable as fcuk. :wink:
  6. Cheers for the input. Yes, it is a Vespa type thingy I'm looking at but not a ganz neuer one. Would love a retro/re-con but need pointers as to what to avoid.

  7. As Hedgehog said avoid Lambrettas, they`re overpriced and unreliable.To be honest for what the 2nd hand scoots go for I`d advise you to save a bit more and get a new LML. If you must go 2nd hand, get a PX125 (or 200 if you`ve passed your test) check the bodywork especially the underneath of the floorpan as any holes/corrosion means welding, check the controls to make sure all the cables aren`t seizing up. Pull the sidepanels off and have a look at the engine for leaks etc. Try and buy from a mature owner as they tend to look after them a bit better.
    Hope this helps
  8. I used to ride scooters years ago. Used to ride crazy amount of miles to scooter rallies. I owned 3 vespas and a lambretta.
    50 special, 150 super and a T5. Lambretta was an sx150.

    Because of the emissions rules nearly all scoots will be 4-stroke or 2 stroke 125cc or less.

    Not sure on the build quality of today's scoots. But when i owned them the build quality was awful. Went through lots of clutch cables and tyres.
    Electrics were terrible too.

    I nearly bought a PX125cc prefix D plate; the shop wanted a silly amount of money. It wasn't in very good nick; had no compression, paint work was dodgy, bits hanging off it. I offered a couple of hundred quid and the salesman looked offended. Said it was "classic". I walked away from the deal.
  9. This was my first moped I bought when I was 16 (1983).
    Brings a lump in my throat thinking about the trips I made ,and all the hours maintaining it! Happy days !

  10. If it's purely scooter then my one and only was a Vespa Cosa 200 like below which I had briefly about 10 years ago. Quick little thing, 12bhp I think and good for about 70mph, noisy too especially when part of the exhaust fell off. Come to think of it a lot of bits fell off. Went through gear cables like a WRAC in the blokes block.

  11. Ohhh, the good old days, my era.... a Yammie 50, derestricted no doubt and good for 50+. It's such a nice looking bike..... I think I hear Human League.....
  12. So....let me get this right.

    You're no longer a teenager. You've saved some cash. You actually want to buy a scooter???

    Do you

    a: commute into London, or any other busy city each day for work?

    b: consider yourself a bit retarded?

    c: not own a driving license?

    d: live in a 3rd world country?

    IF you can't answer yes to any of the above questions, then why would you want to own a scooter?

    They're for young fukwits to zoom around and hopefully die on.
  13. Dad never give you much attention as a child? Forced you to sit up front of the family Allegro while all your mates laughed at you? They were zooming around on their 50's pulling girls and fingering them while you beat off to Mums Kays catalogue? It's never to late to change you know.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: If you have to ask why, you will never understand the appeal.