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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by OLDEST GIT, May 16, 2011.

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  1. We are the pawns of polititions,
    our conscience has no voice.
    We go where we are ordered,
    our duty, not our choice.

    We are part of the 'make do' Army,
    using kit not fit for task.
    Where else can we make savings?
    is all the MP's ask.

    We serve because we want to,
    it's what we signed up for.
    With MOD cutbacks,
    there's less to do much more.

    So we have more tours of duty,
    and time at home gets less and less.
    Is it so surprising so many lives
    are filled with stress?

    Through the TV and the Internet,
    Joe Public see's what we're about.
    But this is just a 'snapshot'
    Our life-day in, day out.

    And support seems sometimes lacking,
    from the comments and the quotes.
    It's not to us, to vent your anger.
    But to those who chased your votes.

    Yet, when we are tired and dusty
    and our souls are in the sand.
    A shoebox and a letter
    shows there's some that understand.

    Yes to these people we're not
    just a Goverment slave
    They will support and remember us
    for all that we gave.
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  2. Bravo Oldest Git.

    Now sit back and enjoy a Werthers toffee to go nicely with the cylinder of methane based trimix you've just inhaled.
  3. Welcome back Durchy! If you're not Durchy, your poetry is just as shit.
  4. That will be another 3 hours of my life wasted...and sore gums.
  5. What about the binfantry?
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  6. Lol...

    My name is Smudge
    and I bear a grudge
    I think it's a crime
    to make words that rhyme.

    Someday mate you will get past Jack and Jill :)
  7. Smudge has fucked Jill and probably Jack aswell.

    But he is right, your poetry is pure pish.
  8. I'm beginning to think that as a civvy I shouldn't have registered...sorry my posts aren't up to your usual standards.
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  9. There once was a man named OLD_GIT,
    Who's poetry was abnormally shit,
    So he signed up to ARRSE,
    Oh, what a farce,
    hopefully he'll die tonight in his sleep
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  10. O G, you going to bin it that quick? Where's your bottle gone mate. I thought your poem was very touching....on the ridiculous ;-) Banter, geddit?
  11. No mate not lost my bottle...just nearly choked on my Wethers while laughing at Smudges attempt at a limerick !!
  12. I thought old people had werthers to entice underage kids into their cars......not actually suck on them!
  13. Can you write a poem about cheese and the binfantry?
  14. Do you mean suck on the Werthers or the kids or the old people. Any of them fit I suppose.
  15. Durchy's work.

    Ho ho ho.......