My First post!! - General seletion questions...

hey guys ive been lurking around here for a few weeks, thought Id make my first post....

Ive done my BARB test, got ok scores, my doctor has sent my first medical back to the office.... im still really stuck on what to go in for im torn between the infantry and the RE as a command gunner hmmmm :?

I definetly want a combat role hence the infantry but I really like the idea of the Combat Engineer. i.e combat and a good hard graft!

Im not asking for advice because obviously only I can come to the decision but could someone tell me what kind of run times I should be looking at for the 1.5 mile run, im currently running it around about 11 minutes, I havent even beeen given a date yet for selection so I should be able to knock off another minute to get me under 10 mins,

Also does anyone have a rough time frame to when the selection dates are i.e which ones I will be in line for?

any feedback much apreciated!!
If the cut off time is 10:30 then you want to be beating this?

The fitter you are the easier it will be. Aim to get your run time down to 9 minutes using different training techniques.

Until you decide which unit you want then how can a selection date be assigned? Everyone trains at different Locations with different dates.

Look at quality of life, not just which one has the biggest guns. Aim as high as you can. You can always do courses to make yourself greener.
Join the sappers mate. all the way
I`m going for infantry (Duke of Lancs) and I got 11:01min on my 1.5 mile run so i have to do a 3 week pre prep course, so just don`t slack behind in the run.
how about you start posting your gay civvie questions in the right forum ie joining up!!!
I am not in the army yet but am getting in shape in prep for joining. May I suggest you don't even think about turning up with a run time that is slower than 10:30. My run time is around 10:20 (last time I tested myself anyway - 6 months back) and I consider myself quite unfit... If you are going for infantry, from what I have heard, you definately want to be under 10 mins.

My recruiter said i need to to be getting under 10.30 and im going into RA. So i aimed for this was getting 10.15 - 10.30. Went to selection in final interview was told i done it in 9.50 and they said you told your ACIO you were doing in 10.15. So don't lie to your ACIO about you times.

And remember when you've got other people willing you on your do it faster.
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