My first Falklands trip

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by itchy, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Im going on a 2 week training stint to the Falklands soon and could really use any advise. Anything on Kit to take, bars (or just bar) to go to, trips to go on and beaches not to walk on or just some war stories to think of while im there would be great.

  2. When the penquin winks at you, it's sex not marriage its after
  3. Leave your chainsaw at home cos there aren't any trees.

    (it's too windy for them to grow).
  4. The minefields are all well marked and they include the best beaches..Don't go on them!

    Take something to keep the wind out!! Think of the Scottish Highlands with no trees and a gale force wind blowing and that would be pretty close!
  5. Shame really…was looking for a life partner…….
  6. Be careful of the minefields, they actually move :eek:

    Be aware that there is a constant westerly wind and that all weather conditions can and will, occur on a daily basis.
  7. And watch the Stills on west Falklands ;)
  8. I dont think you need war stories for the Falklands, something actually happened there.
  9. Hi "Itchy"
    Just to get things off, Itchy,
    Nice user name, but seriously stay away from the "Bennys" in Stanley, or you will definately live up to YOUR user Name.. :thumright:
    Pick up condoms for 50p in the naffi, or free at the Med Centre.


    For Penguins go to Gypsy Cove, on the outskirts of Stanley.
    Also Berthers Beach for Penguins and Sealions.
    Every Sunday get a helicopter ride to SEALION ISLAND.
    Register your name at the Education Centre.
    Battlefield Tours to Mt Harriet, Mt Longdon, Goose Green, The usual Post Conflict Tour areas, get info from The Education Centre.


    Top Bar is for Jnr Ranks
    Bottom Bar all Ranks / Sports bar
    The usual Messes
    The "Cats Cradle" Bar
    The "Crab and Sproket" Bar run by the MT / Engineers
    "Castaways" Bar run by ATC
    "Ronokes" Bar run by a Chilian Landlord, (Not quite Al Murray)

    Your "RIG" TO BRING

    As we are in March now the weather is really changing for the worst.
    As mentioned very high winds, all year round, sleet, Snow, Hail, Driving Rain. So pack some decent Goretex.. :thumright:
    Also pack enough toileteries to last your stay, as they are very expensive down here, especially "Dhobi Dust", Shower gels and Deoderant Etc.

    Cheque book and Card, you can cash cheques in the Naffi for a £2.50p handeling fee.
    Or cash a cheque at HQ no charge, cheques usually clear in about six to seven weeks.

    Hope this helps, :thumright:
    There really is loads to do down here, you can't possibly get bored, Unless you are a complete Mong... :thumright:

    PM...Me for any other info on the Islands.

    PS...Did i mention im outta here on Saturday 10th March...Cmon.. :headbang:
  10. What war stories?


    If you like fishing, it's great. Wild, I mean. I caught a massive sea trout, it was this big (stretches arms) and the chefs put it on the hot plate for me, delicious.

    DWTD might know if you can hire the rod and kit from the PRI/wodeva but take some spinners and spare line, even if you don't need it, you can leave it for some other cnut to use.

    Take some bino's, wildlife is fantastic.
  11. ..Yep,
    If you are into any outdoor activities then you can hire fishing rods,
    reels from the S.I.F. (Service Institiute Fund) Office Down by 38 Facility.
    The costings are 3 Days hire for a £60 Deposit.
    I think you can get bait from the Chandlery in Stanley, just check, but if you have your own gear, then all is good.
  12. if your going on march 17th then i have read your exersize brief,
    you wont have much time for r and r so take your laptop and plenty of porn its the nearest thin to company you will get.
    some of the females from summer challenge 06 will be there so you never know
  13. Iguess that you are going with 105Regt supporting GCC, if this correct then i doubt you will have much time to do anything except for a battlefield tour ( well worth it) but a very good Ex
  14. good book for boring flight. some have a film some dont.
  15. Cheers for the info everyone. :thumleft: