My first bike!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by mikardo, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I know everyone can't wait to get to bed to wake up tommorow facing a days work but I've just bought my first motorbike (I've had 2 50cc ones and a 125 but lets face it they are just chavmobiles)

    Now I know mike golden has a suzuki and i hate to say it but i have just bought one today. Where I have swayed away from that degenerate is that i have bought an sv650 K3 unfaired model with a yoshimura exhaust tail tidy barely a scratch on it and only 18k miles with alot of service history.

    I purchased this bike for the price of 1700 beer tokens.

    Is this a good deal? I'm lead to beleive this is but people who own the bike may say it's not worth it's weight in dog sh1te.

    What is the general concensus on this bike?

    Cheers, Mikardo.
  2. You don't say how old the bike is that you have bought,so we are not really in a position to comment.

    However,that bike is very much a love em or hate em type of bike. Not my particular favourite,the gixer750 was my choice for suzuki.

    Hope you have fun with it,ride safe fella.

    And then when you can ride properly...get a decent bike! Ha!
  3. The early Sv650 was a great bike, I assume yours will be too. Bit late to be asking if it was a good deal!

    My first bike was a Suzuki 50 when I was 16, first proper bike was a Honda CX500 v-twin.

    Enjoy your bike mate.

  4. "SV650 k3" it's an 03 plate the newer facelift one.

    Edited to say, I'm just learning to ride at the moment i was only a handshake away from getting a suzuki gsxr 600. I decided not to due to my cousins recent death (Motorcycle incident). I feel i at least owe him that I should learn to ride properly before getting the crotch rockets. I do plan on getting a gsxr 1000 at some oint mind :D .
  5. Know a couple of SV650 owners both bikes slightly older models than yours. They're chuffed to bits with them. One tends to eat batteries a bit but that might be due to an aftermarket alarm. Nice town bikes but they can still "get on with it" when required.

    Have Fun :)
  6. Not a bad choice as a starter bike that will last you some time, but i'd not have one, I am very badly allergic to anything with a v-twin engine :wink:

    The SV looks good and is practical, mind you , saying that i'm more of a 4 cylinder rider, but for some reason I bought myself a 650 single last summer, it's not bad until you get to the 200 mile point when you get miners "White Finger" :mrgreen:
  7. Does not sound bad for a K3 SV 650, they are by all accounts a good all rounder. Considering i sold my K1 GSXR 600 for £1600 4 months ago i dont think you have done bad there.

    You should have said fcuk it tho and bought one of these: My Baby!! K5 Gixxer 1000

    [​IMG][/URL]Image Hosting[/img]
  8. Wont go wrong with an SV650 The unfaired model is slightly cheaper insurance group if recall.

    If you're winter riding don't forget to wash it down with bike cleaner not fairy liquid (has salt in it) and spray with WD40 in those nooks and crannies and silicone spray for the hoses and rubber.

    keep the battery charged up with a bike trickle charger - batteries do not like cold weather and alarms.

    jobs a good'un.
  9. Nice bike.
    My first was a thing called a Raleigh Runabout - used to run for ever on a full tank.
    Best one though for grunt had to be the Suzi Intruder 1400 v twin, loud pipes, flat bars. Ace.
  10. Good first 'big' bike, fairly low insurance and can keep up with most of the crowd. Should sound nice with the aftermarket can. Enjoy it and get used to it, then progress.

    I was looking for an SV1000S a while back but they're rarer than chickens lips round my way. Happy with my GSXR600K5 though, for now. 750 next!
  11. I know a few girls with SV650s, they seem to like them a lot!

    Only joking mate, a good choice for a first proper bike, 3 years on that and (with luck) your insurance will tumble, then you can buy my R1.
  12. Cheeky git! :D .

    Interesting you should say that as that is pretty much my plan.
    I may not buy yours though as i'm sure in three years time i will not even remember typing this message. Thanks for the thoughts and good natured reply's.
  13. Only one bike for a first timer, Z1300,

  14. Nah, Not quite............ all hail the CBX! :worship:

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  15. SV650s aren't known as chickwheels for nothing...