My feet are soft as shite

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MikeLVB, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Evening all - long time forum lurker, first time poster.

    I've got a question about tabbing - more specifically feet. The problem I have is that the bottom of my feet are soft as shite and blister after about two miles. As you know, this means I'm screwed on any tab and generally involves peeling bloody socks off afterwards.

    Anybody have any solutions to this? I heard that rubbing surgical spirit every night on the soles of your feet help harden then up - anyone tried this?

    Or is it a case of getting more miles under my feet and letting the process happen naturally?

    Tried two pairs of decent socks, talc, decent fitting boots etc but to no avail.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. You have to train your feet as well as the rest of the system. Also try double skin running socks if in a hurry (they work). Vaseline (between the toes) is also a saver.
  3. You may just have limp wristed feet... End of!

    Some people just suffer with it and thats that.

    Try not tabbing!!!
  4. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Yeah, surgical spirit works pretty well, but you have to apply it regularly, I dont think that theres anything wrong with applying it more than once a day, it hasn't done me any harm..
  5. try using surgical spirit, it will harden the skin
  6. Surgical spirit will just harden the outer layer of skin. You'll still get blisters but deeper ones.

    As civvygit said, the more you use them, the tougher they get.
    You should also:
    - stop wearing trainers and get yourself a proper pair of shoes for general wear
    - air your feet as much as possible
    - apply footpowder before a tab
    - if you always get a blister in the same place, put zinc oxide tape on

    I used to toughen my feet by running in trainers and no socks. I'm not entirely convinced by it as an approach though.
  7. I used to have the same problem.
    I have flat'ish feet & a wide fiting so the little toe allways came in for a right bashing on tabs. Even though i kept my feet in good order clean, nails trimmed etc, after a bergan tab i would allways loose the nails of the toes next to the big toe, huge fluid blisters under the nails & then the next day off would come the nail. large pressure blisters under the balls of both feet & the sides of both little toes worn away.....
    I tried all types of sock, cheeep ones bloody expensive ones, two pairs, zinc oxide tape, even green canvas tape ! vasaline, sudocreame, foot powder even "pop socks" felt weird but help on cutting down with heel blisters. All types of boots issue & otherwise. Nothing ever did stop the toe mangling going on except becoming a shiney aarse civvie & no longer tabbing. I just came to accept it in the end & tried to put it out of my mind & cracked on with it. (mind you the most comfortable pair of boots i found where the old DMS high legs, used to fit me a treat).
  8. The old routine was to pee on your feet, something to do with the uric acid. It works too. Other trick is to get good woollen socks, not a mix. That and training should see you right. Good luck.
  9. I find that doing the Nijmegen marches hardened my feet up no end. :| That was after they fell off of course.
  10. Eat more peanuts! Then your feet will be softer than shite :)
  11. I struggled for a while with it until I spent some time at the beach, I found that sand was always in my shoes/socks and that the extra rubbing acclimatised my feet, I also spent time running barefoot on the sand and walking around barefoot and I now hardly ever get blisters.

    PassingBells' advice will probably be the easiest to adhere to though. If you can, wear sandals or flipflops (without socks!!) to allow the air to keep your feet dry when barefoot is not an option, I do this all year round cos they sweat even when cold.
  12. When I'm in training for distance events I wear these. Feet like leather I end up with!

  13. Not being morbid, but you don't have any other symptoms - drinking gallons, peeing like the Zambezi, tired all the time?

    Your feet are just a bit soft, they're not manky and rotting?

    In short, you're not diabetic, are you?

    [Today's worry, given the stuff on the news that being stressed out can bring on adult onset diabetes - wonderful].
  14. Just spend ridiculous amounts of time bare foot in stupid places , I do and I never blister (I have now just tempted fate so shall scarper).
  15. Tabbing cool word of the day, bring back the word marching, its all tabbing here and tabbing there. I blame TV.

    The Roman Legions never tabbed anywhere,they marched and i bet there feet were rock hard, but no people all start tabbing and their legs start dropping off!!