my father

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 00eb85, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. my father served with 5 rtr his name was paul jacklin he served late 50s/60s and i dont know anything about his time with 5 rtr so i would be very grateful if anybody on here knows anything about him many thanks
  2. Sorry, before my time, but - suggestion.
    Start a thread with his name and 5 RTR, it is more likely to get a response than one with the title 'My Father' - I only looked in by chance - also - you may be frightening other tankies away for fear of an unknown son turning up!!! Best of luck with the search.
  3. tails from the unknown pass, FRIGHTNING
  4. Good luck mate, hope he's a better man than the **** who sired me
  5. The guy in the 3RTR Thread is T.Rex.
  6. hey there kernow kid best be carefull before S54 and all the old knackers rip you a new ARRSE hole for picking on the old guys nice to see you back on here though 00eb85 how come you started this thread did you have no luck on 5rtr thread ? :thumright:
  7. I am not that old, at least I havent got grey hair like you, also I am not from Yorkshire.
  8. Many apologies about the Yorkshire bit.
  9. Youve a lot of apologies to make, wouldnt make them earlier would you, no backbone???? :shakefist:
  10. Hey Scarletto are you a complete knob or what? What the fcuk you on about, and the no backbone bit, you obviously do not know who I am. I would rip your backbone out if we came across each other, you Prize Prick.
  11. Yawn, maybe you can get another thread deleted, and i very very much doubt you could rip my backbone out, and when you come upto manchester, tell me, we can meet
  12. complete tosser ,,,p star star star off twaaaat
  13. kernow kid more like milky bar
  14. I suggest you open your eyes KK you managed through a totally wrong OTT remark get the 3 RTR thread removed.........................thanks a bunch, only very nearly a year in the making, over 7000 posts and over 250000 views and you manage to f**k it up for the rest of us. An apology to the man concerned and the rest of us is long overdue I think!!! :thumright:
  15. That Kernow Kid, oooohhhh he's so hard, made me all moist :strong: