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My Father the Mercenary

Yes, watched this on Channel 4..... The geezers daughter was none too impressed about her Dad. After searching the Walts belongings, it showed a business card claiming to have a QGM and MM. A real fantasist.

What motivates these people to live like this.... Not a good idea especially when serving armed froces are fighting and dying in various places. But apparently there were just as many Walts after WW2 'claiming' to have served as well, so its not a new phenomena..
What puzzles me is why he had to lie about being in the SAS when in fact he was fighting alongside the Mujahideen in Afghanistan ? Mind you I guess the letters SAS is a brand name that'll open doors for you if you've got a manuscript that needs publishing
Aye. After ww1/2 i suspect it was very very easy to pretend to have 'served well' so many people returning anbd being demobbed having been sent all over the globe. Now, numbers are smaller and theres communities like ARRSe increasing the chance of bein caught out. I do feel sorry for the guy when they showed the place he died and how he was living
Yeah that was a bit improper aye. I think the guy deserved a decent burial of his ashes or somethin but not there.Kind of a tragic character he was. I remember reading a book about mercenaries in Guiana (or however its spelt) and the guy who wrote it came accross sessarego/carew/obi wan kenobi at one point and calls him a walt lol
The interesting part was when they said 'he seemed to become mnore and more believing of the lies he was telling' or somesuch. He prettymuch believed what he was saying to be true. Needed serious help alas
Bukit_Basha said:
OldRedCap said:
.... his ashes in the proper SAS plot.
Maybe there was a good enough reason to do that. I'm sure that if the SAS had objected it wouldn't have happened.
He ain't in the Regimental Plot

St Martins Church is a civvie church with a civvie graveyard and that is where his ashes are.

It was misleading to show the window and for the family to have a looky like floral tribute.
In their own way they continue to muddy the water.
Watched this last night bit a tragic figure really. What I can't understand is why he felt ashamed at failing the SAS twice his superiors must have thought him worthy of selection, or am I missing something here. He did fight as a mercenary so what did he have to prove it didn't mention which regiment he served with ?

On lighter note.. I took a fancy to his daughter
I heard he was on the SAS payroll in a non badged admin capacity for sometime, more of a "nearly was" than a "never was"..... it would certainly explain why he was plausible , he did know the colour of the boathouse door!
Trotsky said:
I heard he was on the SAS payroll in a non badged admin capacity for sometime, more of a "nearly was" than a "never was"..... it would certainly explain why he was plausible , he did know the colour of the boathouse door!
He was a member of the Goon Squad; soldiers who have failed Selection but who are allowed to remain at Hereford, carrying out duties such as playing the enemy on exercises...
I actually genuinely felt sorry for his son particularly, the daughter maybe not, it's sad that anyone dies in a sh1tty little hovel like he did, however, he made his camping bed and he died on it. I read Jihad out of curiosity a while back, it would have been an interesting book had he not continually related himself to 22 SAS, and that put doubt in my mind to the validity of the rest of the story. I felt the bile rising with regards to the floral tribute, as previously said, it continued the deceit, however, it's over now. Many will take his place, infact today, I've just encountered a 40 year old VC holder complete with world war 2 medals at the Veterans parade, it just goes on and on.

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