My Father The Mercenary (Documentary)

Just seen this advertiesd on Channel 4,at first I thought 'walt' but in hindsight he looks like he may have been seriously disturbed,anyway,it's on Channel 4,Friday 26th June at 1935Hrs.

Philip Sessarego was a soldier of fortune who had fought in 80s Afghanistan, taken part in a coup in the Maldives and trained the Sri Lankan army. In 1993, he walked out on his family and was, apparently, killed soon after. His daughter, Claire, who was just 14 years old at the time thought she'd never see him again but, much to the family's astonishment, he appeared on television in 2001, using an assumed name, as an expert pundit on the mujahaddin. Then, in November 2008, a body was found decomposing in a garage in the Belgian city of Antwerp and, using DNA samples, the corpse was confirmed as that of her father. This emotional film follows Claire and her brother Paul, as they travel from their home in Hereford to Belgium to collect their father's remains, and to uncover the extraordinary story of who was and how he died.


One story here
Another story is I watched a News report years ago, in which the guy was challenged by News reporters about his claims. Exit left, one very sheepish "Tom Carew".

I'd even read his account of his time "in the Hindu Kush and other places in Afghanistan, training the mujahideen to fight the Soviets during the invasion in the late 1970s". Seemed convincing , then.

Sad story all the same, and not very pleasant for his daughter.

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