My fashion sense is up sh*t creek

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. You need to wear that with denim shorts, a stetson and ski boots.
  2. In light of your suggestions I've decided it's no longer a risk. In fact, I can't wait til it gets here now. Will snowboarding boots suffice? Also I do not own a stetson, will a devil-horned woolly hat fit the bill?
  3. I have to hand it to you mate, that truly is a shite jacket. I mean - olive drab? Are you still living in 2005 or what? The addition of a fur collar a-la your old school parka might rescue it but that's far from certain.

    This season is new-new-romantic, not 70s militant coal miner FFS!

    Straights! :wink:
  4. Mike, don't listen to the fashion police, I've been wearing M65 jackets as part of my scruff order, for about twenty years.
    Nice pair of 501s, pair of dezzies and a North Face T-shirt/fleece.
    Tres chic, non! :)
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Very Deer Hunter come Woodstock...

    (I used to have one during my hippy days)
  6. Whats wrong with a mess tin and a pink feather boa?
  7. Could be worse TK Maxx were punting un-issued 68 patteren combat jackets that Timberland had bought (all they done was just put a small patch on the arm and just added a label over the washing instructions/NATO label ...lazy or what? :eek:
  8. I bet your other purchase on ebay was a 12" survival knife .. who are you Rambo :p
  9. Even the airsofters will laugh at you.........

    Is your real name Travis Bickle?
  10. just the jacket and a pair of rubber socks and a big smile......
  11. I have a bright red 70s bomber with US Marines down the side. It looked so bad in the junk shop where I bought it that I thought it had to be the fashion find of the century. Turns out its just shi t.
  12. I found one of those jackets in my mums house last year, I remember being so proud of it when bought it when I was 16 (about 1981 I think). I gave it to my 16 year-old nephew, who was chuffed with it.

    If I'd known anybody would still buy it, I'd have put it on Ebay!
  13. It would seem I'm not alone in my doubts.

    I'm going to wear the f*cker anyway, just to be a tit. I'm reknown as having sh*t dress sense anyway, this may appear to be a step up in some respects.
  14. No need to worry about looking like a tit, if your one already in other peoples eyes :?

    As for dress sense who cares, all my clothes are sh!te - normally from M&S etc but nothing extravagant. I'm as tight as a badgers arrse when it comes to wasting money on clothes.. especially when theres beer and other nice to have but not really needed items available :roll: