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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by soldiertobe, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Hello

    I am starting at CIC at Catterick on 10th August. I am 27 and have a long term partner and two young children (3 & 2 yrs)

    The battalion I am joining (2 Royal Anglian) I am aware are based in Germany at present. And that my family and I will have to go there. We are all looking forward to the new start and the new scenery.

    My partner is, I understand taking a massive step in her life to support my decision to join the Army and I am just hoping some of you had any tips or advice for girlfriends/wives with kids that have taken that step later on in life (she's 29) no military background.

    Are there things in place to aid easier adaptability for the wives and children in Germany? Or is it just a case of her finding her feet and working things out for herself etc! She pretends she's not worried but I know better.

    Sorry for the drabness but if I can help put her mind at rest in some way I'll be happy. Also most importantly do they play netball in Germany? :wink:
  2. Good effort and good luck, big step
  3. Don't worry, mate, my missus was 24 with one kid when I joined up. After the initial separation at basic you'll get your quarter and the other wives will soon take her under their (bingo) wing.

    It's also very important for you to ensure that she has a large circle of friends so that they can 'team nag' when you're sh1tfaced.(less individual pressure). As you will be most of the time in Germany.

    Seriously though, don't worry about it. The army (especially a battalion) is one big family.

    Good luck!!
  4. When you say partner, do you mean you are not married?

    Can anyone on here in the know advise whether as they have kids they will be entitled to MQs?
  5. If by long term partner you mean you're not married then you'll not be entitled to a quarter in Germany. Unless you're willing to get your own place then you'll be on your own, milking yourself into a sock every night.
  6. I agree with the other posters: the Services do not recognise "long term partners", "common law wives" and have never done so.

    If you do not marry your partner in a recognised Church or Registry Office, then you will be treated as being single; and that means no access to married quarters, schools etc. You will be a single soldier!

    Marry her as soon as possible. Lay on lots of food and booze. Issue an invitation to all Arrsers. Sorted.

    The support package then kicks in and your wife and children will become part of the regimental happy family and you and your family will receive access to the BFG welfare system.

    Otherwise, you don't.

    Litotes (oooh, I do like a good wedding, and this year is shaping up well as I have been told I can wear my kilt to one...)
  7. Are they not 'Families Quarters' in these politically correct times? As in not necessarily 'Married Quarters'?

    I stand to be erected. I mean corrected.
  8. Lesbernims can get quarters but unmarried partners can't. This army truly is tonk sometimes.
  9. Weren't they looking into this some time back? I thought that people with a long term partner (more than 5 years just in case a tom grabbed the 1st bit of SCH to get out the block) were going to get the same entitlement Qtrs etc as married couples. Failing that mate best get hitched as soon as you finish basic either that or you will be down 10 mark alley with the rest of the singlies and pads! come pay day :wink:
  10. As said, you will not be entitled to a quarter. If you still wish to bring your partner and children across, it will cost you a fortune.

    Silly outdated rule we all know, but thats the way it is. Also, you seem to have some shit on your avatar
  11. Of course if you or your partner aren't ready for the whole life long commitment of marriage one of you could under go gender reassignment surgery and get yourself a civil partnership quarter
  12. I do this anyway.......thought that was the norm? Well certainly in my case. ;-)

    Thanks for the replies people. I have spoken to the AFCO and they seem to think that because we've been together 6 years and have 2 children I will be entitled to married quarters? Although I will not get priority over married personnel should there be a shortage? I was assured that the Army are changing their views on the "married" thing.

    Nevertheless.......We're getting married during my xmas break from Catterick on 20th December. However the only ARRSERS invited are the in-laws!!

    Can anyone answer the netball question............nicely!?
  13. Netball - they do do it in certain areas, one of my JNCO's used to do it. You still have shiit on your avatar by the way
  14. Oh no, sorry........that's not shit? You must have mistaken it for a Chelscum badge? These mistakes happen.

    Thanks for the netball answer.......the missus will be chuffed that atleast theres a possibility of playing netball in Germany!?
  15. My bold: They may be changing their views on the "married thing" but this will take a while to be recognised at grass roots level. How long did it take "wives of" to truly catch on, if it has at all.