My experience of Oktoberfest....

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Goatman, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Rather than derail the thread in the Intelligence Cell and prompted by this photo


    - it occurred to me that I've never been to Oktoberfest and it is definitely on the Bucket List whiler I am still young enough to enjoy it.

    Doubtless every other Arrser has taken advantage of the unrivalled opportunities for drinking a lot of beer, perving sexy blondes and various other generally Arrse Foreign Legion approved activities.

    What stands out for you , assuming it wasn't just three days missing from your life ?

    How did you travel, where did you stay and what was the very best moment ?

    (FMP - spill the beans!)
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  2. I've only ever been once. A few years ago. I drove down from London with some mates, as it worked our cheaper than flying (we could also fill the boot up with anything we fancied buying). We stayed in a little village outside of Munich, and got a taxi in each day, which also saved us cash in the long run with a cheaper hotel room. We queued for a hour or so, got entry to the pauliner tent and not so patiently waited for the tapping of the barrel ceremony.

    We then proceeded to get on it.

    The toilets have the Germany efficiency that you come to expect, and there was rarely a queue for the gents. They were also immaculate, with a constant cleaning rota on the go.

    I intend to go again.
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  3. ARRSE crawl?
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  4. Do they have "camp" sites there?

    With scrummy boys in tight lederhosen?
  5. They do have a campsite. A mate of mine who was travelling Europe stayed there. Though the weather can be hit and miss, so I'd rather stay in a hotel.
  6. Something you want to share with the group?
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  7. My only experience of Oktoberfest was in Canada. All the locals from Wainwright descended onto camp in the large sports hall and proceeded to get smashed off their tits. Everything was going swimmingly until Taff C head-butted a man-mountain of a Canuck. It then turned into a brawl, a brawl like you only see in westerns, where blokes are getting bottles and chairs smashed over their heads. Women were hoying haymaker's around and were being duly dropped (self-defence guv) and the RCMP were lifting blokes as fast as they could cuff them, until they were duly dropped and the miscreants released.

    The following morning I had to visit the dentist and I literally followed a trail of blood, hair, broken glass and gum tissue. On entering the surgery I was allocated a side room - 'For my own safety' as there was a fair few Canadian troops who were a tad riled. An enjoyable night was had by all though..........apart from the rotund munter who filed a sexual harrasment claim against one of the blokes for urinating on her whilst she was unconscious.
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  8. No, just thinking of your creature comforts, you wouldn't want to be around those brazen hussies in the OP.......

    you said you didn't care for the smell of fish.
  9. Oh, you were thinking about me, ahh right. I think a hotel would be more suitable.
  10. If it's next year - I am in like flynn for a crawl - and I shall make some total bollax to convince my wife that I am working.....
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  11. Went to Munich Bierfest in 1989/ 1990 and 1992.....its awesome and a definate do before you die or if you don't pace yourself die whilst you do. First year slept in a tent when trashed I believe as can't remember, there is plenty of accomodation around the area if I remember correctly. Buy yourself a felt pointed Bierfest hat when you first get there as its a great stand in toilet have a massive fair and loads of massive beer tents and its just party time with tonnes of different Nationalities who head to there own areas...look out for the Aussie sections as tonnes of Aussie birds one year. Only drink steins and watch in awe as the Bier serving wenches walk round with 8 plus steins at a time. It really is a must, dont get into fights, sings your head off with the German Bergermeister and you will love it........Hopefully a few been in last ten years on here who can update things
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  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks for, lampswinging apart, you've never been to THE Oktoberfest either then ?

    ( anyone know if there is still a boozer near Trafalgar Square called the Bierkeller - or was it shut down the same time as the Zambezi Club ? )


    if you have been to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany ( not that place outside Milwaukee) - tell us all about it, much like Prinz Albrecht and Der Iron above

    Wild-but-true dits re Piss-ups in shebeens from Wick to Witwatersrand - The Badger's Arrse.

    I thank you - here all week :dance:
  13. Make sure your protected, a Medic Full screw (Nige W) who went with us in early 90's spent quite a few weeks visiting different clinics in BAOR when he got a disease normally found in cattle , on further investigation the old tart he shagged their was from a Bavarian family who were nortorious for having sex with their animals.
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  14. I have been to the Oktoberfest in Munich a few times now and would fully recomend it. If you plan to stay in the city centre book very early rooms are filled up almost a year in advance. As well as the beer tents there is a giant fun fair, great fun beaing thrown about after half a dozen lts of beer.

    If you go then visit the Hofbrauhaus in Munich also, great atmosphere but extremely busy, also visit the Englischer gardens, there is a chinese style pergoda with bands playing and as usual great beer.

    If flying into Munich the train system from the airport into the city is quick and efficient.
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  15. Between 1970 and 1996 as an active member of the german order of falconers, I was a regular visitor at the Oktober fest which is sometimes the last week in september, was usually to be found in the Einbecker or Warsteiner tents, I had good connections to both breweries, it is always amusing to watch the tourists perform at the Waasen, after a couple of steins of paulaner, the more adventurous ones try some of the bock and doppelbock beers and wonder why they wake up a couple of days later with a black hole where their memory should be, there are plenty of camping grounds within 10 kms of the fest platz,some of them even hire out camping beds and sleeping bags,we will be in the vaterland in april, I will pick up the 2013 Octoberfest brochures with all camping grounds and gastatten ,and I will email them to anyone interested.