My email has been hacked, help!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Austen_D, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. I cant see the old computing forum on here anymore so this will have to go in here.

    I logged onto my Google Mail account today to be greeting with a message saying it thought I had been hacked. I checked the history and it looks like I have, according to google the access type was unknown but I have the IP address Google listed it as "United Kingdom ("

    I want to know who this person is. I have been onto a few different sites and looked up the IP address and one says its listed as central London the other that its owned by Apple and in Harrogate.:?

    Can anyone give me any help finding out which grade A throbber did this and more importantly how to get them back?

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  2. It must be his/her fault! Not yours for having an easy password, or for falling for a phishing scam.
  3. I have an alpha numeric password and can spot a phishing scam a mile off. I have no idea how it has happened to be honest, I never give out the email address in question I have a hotmail account for anything I think might result in spam or anything dodgy, The password is used on around 3-4 sites though so it might be from that.
  4. I'm careful and someone managed to put 10 laptops forvsale on my ebay account a few years ago. It does happen. Cunning fuckers
  5. You could try this\whois, enter the IP addy and hit search. To find the actual owner of the specific IP i think you would have to contact the supplier.
  6. There is a big hole in the eBay email system, I recently sold something and the buyer then found he was recieving all my hotmail incoming mail - ebay were most helpfull - they said I should sort it out with the other party !!

    Not very helpfull as the other party could also see all my emails with ebay 'security team' Excellent !!

    Fortunately he was a good person and kept me updated, we stopped it happening by me changing my hotmail password - if he had not alerted me I would not have known that this was going on !

    Have now opened new hotmail for which I use for ebay only

    Be carefull out there - you dont know who is looking !!
  7. Basterds, thats the sort of thing i'm worried about as I have all sorts of personal information in my emails. I have changed password thats all I can do really
  8. apparently its owned by Apple. Might be an employee there, i use that email address for itunes and has the same password (dumb i know). Might email Apple.

    edited to add: by 'its' I mean the IP address, my sentence structure is terrible
  9. Hi. You should stop your daughter leaning on the washing machine when its on the spin cycle. Just some advice there. We'll be in touch.
  10. There's no such thing as secure email. Luckily most criminals can't break through the walls of most mail providers. Having said that, it depends on what your definition of a criminal is. Easiest answer is keep a reasonable degree of persec at all times. Being a bit on the old side, I can't understand people who throw their lives open on 'social networking' sites, or even use internet banking.
  11. Take a look at Zone Alarm, ( not free )top anti everything and always there with updates. I don't have any financial interest in this , just that I've used it for years and it's kept me safe
  12. Indeed, anything such as email, log ins etc is potentially open to any cracker.

    I wouldn’t do internet banking either. A few years back I used to sarcastically phone Barclays and start with my Mother’s Maiden Name, followed my my date of birth then my home phone number.... then I would say... now that I have provided you with what is pubic information and what you were about to predictably ask, and have passed your crap security measures - can I transfer some money please.

    Eventually, under the frustration of fighting with the bone fück heads, I changed my mother's maiden name to something that was not so bleeding obvious.

    By the way, if you get an email from GMail asking you to confirm your details, make sure to complete the form quickly and send it back... while daughter enjoys spin cycle. Wonder if that works for blokes....?