my ear has popped!!

got a call whilst on holiday to say my selection was on july 1st (tommorrow)

got back from holiday on friday and my left ear popped whilst landing and now i cant hear bugger all out of it!

will they let it slide as it is surely going to go?
You'll be fine happens to me everytime I fly returns to normal after a few hours or so, just explain the situation you should probably ring your careers office to get further advice.


private---pile said:
but its been like it for a couple of days now normally happens to me could last up to 2 weeks!!
Buy some EarCalm from the chemist - it is normally used for aggravated conditions and mild ear infections, but also works well at reducing any swelling caused by abnormal movement of the eardrum. (I am a Diving Instructor).
this is getting more odd! my ear feels blocked but i just put earphones in to test if i hear less in my left than my right but it seems the same

why does it feel blocked?
FFS don't do anything stupid like stick a cotton bud into your ear. Go and see a doctor; if you're worried about your medical records then don't use your GP; go to A&E. They can have a look, and tell you if your eardrum is alright, and what might be wrong.
The ear is a very delicate organ; get it seen to, otherwise you're risking semi-permanent deafness and an H8 PULHEEMS rating.
Knitting needle Knitting needle!!!!

Only joking

Buy yourself some over the counter decongestants from Boots, have a word with the pharmacist he'll point you in the right direction

May help, if not see your doc, he'll have a look and probably send you packing with the same if there is nothing terrible occurring on examination

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