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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MacSapper, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Has any C/S noticed that when any post is a bit controversial, it gets removed quicker than det cords flash t bang time. 8000m/s as I remember

    I was on here the day and only 50 of us had logged on, 400 odds were visiting.

    The Hotel thing was in June FFS and it hits the fan now?

    Is it the case that the White Haw Buffoons are soo bricking it, they have to check the errse first

    I'm not going to mention local MPs or AF ministers or Hotel managers but I thought we had a bit of a, free down time banter, no names, units or such but some genuine ripping the pish out of ourselves, other people, any fker really.

    I think the Mods are the MOD or am I wrong?

    FFS if they come on here to check the troops, then they really have got a crisis management moment on their soft hands. (in a panick kind of way)

    Any way, Fk the Mods Fk the Mods etc.

    C'mon Mods are ye shut this post as well,?

    It's all saved to Current Bun.
  2. I was Fkin right.

    I posted this 5 minutes ago and no C/S has been able to reply.
  3. That's because it's one in the morning and you're fucking boring us.
  4. Shut it !
  5. Det cord is 6,000 m/s. You might be thinking of PE4 which is 8,120 m/s ;)
  6. Dull as fcuk
  7. To the hole....

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  8. Whoh fuk, I stand corrected but the Otel thread has been removed thats all I'm on about.

    We post on here and think its alright but when it comes to be a bit sticky, its RTU'd to where ever.

    Aye stick it in the bin.

    No comment thank you caller
  9. Is English your first language?


    Dry your eyes Princess, it's the internet.
  10. It sounds ok if you read it in a Scottish accent!
  11. Only if you are gay.
  12. Woops,

    This is probably my last post as the MODS grabbed me on the News in Info bit?

    I'm fkin right, this board is modded by some IT fkwits in the white haw.

    I agree that some posts should not be posted but WTF to take a whole thread off about one of our own is pish.

    Government bastirts

    Any way Slange my friends.

  13. I'd love to wake up in your head in the morning.

    I'd just pound and pound away with a big stick.

    Whoopsie, looks like that will happen anyway.
  14. Snail.

    I don't drink any more and I work nights so theres no probs there.

    A bit of irk and fkin pissed off wi civvies maybe but I manage them quite well.

    But I do think that the arrse is being monitored by and journos as well, to the extent that you read it here, it's in the papers tomorrow.

  15. Jesus tonight, you are funny. Bit annoyed sweetcheeks?

    (I can't stop laughing)

    I am taking my tin foil hat and going to my bunker before the aliens get me.