My docs were wrong

From Feb - Aug 1997 I went to Northern Ireland with the Welsh Guards. After a couple of weeks at Bessbrook Mill I was told that there had been a mistake, and that I was supposed to be one of HQNI's pool chefs. I didn't really mind, as the only thing this really affected was the fact that I would have to move around the province for the duration of my tour, and extend the length of my tour by about a month.
A couple of months later I was given a docs printout to sign by my clerk, asking me to annotate and correct any incorrect details. On the form it stated that I had served in NI from Mar - May 1997, so I corrected it, handed it back and thought nothing of it. Years later, I've received another printout. Yes, you guessed it, the details remain the same. I asked my clerk if he can change it, and he said he'd look into it. How likely is it that he'll be able to rectify this? Would the unit I served with (Welsh Guards) or my parent unit (KRH) still have this on record? If this was details of a NATO tour I wouldn't be arrsed, but this is the only thing standing in the way of me qualifying for an ACSM, so naturally I feel a bit cheated. Any knowledgeable posts would be appreciated.

I should also make it clear that I'm not slagging off the clerk in question, he's a cracking bloke and extremely helpful. It's just that he's not long out the factory and I'm not sure he'll be able to pursue this as thoroughly or as effectively as I'd like him to.
My docs stil fail to mention OP. Granby on them and after correcting them at least a dozen times in 4.5 years they still have not been changed, I'm really starting to get p!ssed off with it to the point were I will probably not rectify the fault the next time I check my docs.
Do you not have an Op Tour insert slip?.I was on a lengthy cse (6 Months) unfortunately I had to return to capbadge despite completing the cse and rebadging. The only evidence I have of my being there is the official photos of the rebadging pde and me and the other transferees sitting nicely with a 1 Star.

Unless you have the insert slip it may well be you are fecked; a bit like Corps stitched me with a year old pen picture from a my previous unit...............where it was discovered by MCM I should never have been employed and had in fact been misemployed.
Unfortunately this is a regular occurence mate. I find myself amending the same mistakes every single time on my annual verification. I have my ACSM, but it took a bit of a struggle. Unfortunately they (Global RAO) STILL haven't got it on there. I swear I am going to launch one soon......

Documentary evidence is what you need. If the Pt 2 Orders have been mixed up, try and get something that proves you were there. Your print out should mention NITAT, date of entry etc. Your old pay slips should also prove your entitlement to NI pay. Maybe consider the long shot of getting a letter from someone who was there at the time. Then chat it through with your current CoC and get the CO to put a case together.

Best of luck.

Skint Boy - Have you not picked this up in the 9 years between 97 and now?? You should have had a print to sign every year!!

If you amend a print and sign it the signed print should remain with your docs until the followng year, unless the amendmet is made on UNICOM there and then in which case you may be given a corrected print to sign. If the following year the same error is on the print it may help if you ask the clerk concerned if you could watch him/her input the correction, explaining the fact that you made the same amendment last year. In some cases the signed print is just stuck in your docs and nothing done about it - this should be picked up by your Docs Supervisor or RAOWO on their normal auditing or at least on pre inspection checks!!

To try and sort this one out ask to have a look at your AF B9999, this contains all your course reports and various other bits of useful info, you never know you might find a copy of an insert slip covering the period in question. If they try to fob you off by telling you you are not allowed to look at information in there tell them you know your rights under the data protecton act - you are entitled to look, even have a copy of the whole thing if you want one!! Failing that do you have a copy of your confidential report covering the period (you should have an insert slip if attached to another unit, if not the attachment shoud at least have been mentioned in your annual report).
Docs always seem to be wrong, I went to Bosnia a couple years before I left with a German based unit, when I returned I did a NI tour with my unit and almost found myself in Kosovo but got out, when I got my docs it has me in Germany for my last 2 years and not a mention of my tour.

My point isn't about the ACSM as I am now out, but if I was in Germany for that long then wheres me fecking LOA? :wink:
The Welsh Guards didn't write an insert slip for some reason, the only one I received was from HQNI to cover the few months I worked for them. As for the continued docs mistakes, I corrected it every time I received a printout. If the person checking the corrections each time isn't bothered then there's not really a lot else I can do is there?
As for checking old docs, as luck would have it I'm missing pay statements from Jul - Sep of that year, but at least I can prove I was there for June as well. How likely is it that the Welsh Guard's docs clerk will be able to prove that I was on strength with them?

(edited incorrect dates)
Docs wrong? try this for size.

Since joining the Army in 1986, I have "officially" had three different blood groups. Is it a miracle?
Low and behold my docs also were wrong on leaving HM Forces. No mention of my attachment to 1 Cheshire ex trumpet dance feb 96- april 96.
Was with 2 Royal Anglian, so whoever at fault probably Glasgow have f***** up! Also tried to obtain all my private and confidental reports under the data protection act, and yes you guessed it they "Have been either lost or misplaced".... Wonder if this would happen in Yank Army?
The main question for this thread is this; Is it possible for unimong to be updated so long after the initial mistakes were made?
skintboymike said:
The main question for this thread is this; Is it possible for unimong to be updated so long after the initial mistakes were made?
......and what happens to these records when JPA rolls along next March ? Will the existing F-ups still be fix-able ?
It is possible for your record to be put right both UNICOM and the mainframe - the problem you now have is getting some kind of documentary evidence of the tour - have you tried your P file (AF B9999)?? As for what happens when JPA rolls along - your guess is as good as anyone's!!!
My old master chef shredded most of my P file, he decided that most of the older stuff "wasn't relevant". Would have been nice of him to ask me if I wanted it, but there you go. As for evidence - I remember waking up in a Portakabin in Dungannon whilst attached to 1 Para, and being told that Diana had died. Does that count :)
Your p file (AF B9999) should never go anywhere near the master chef, and he has no right to shred anything in it!! It should be held in your personal docs by either the docs supervisor/docs clerk in RHQ or your Coy/Sqn office - ask your mate the clerk where it is and have a look.
I've had a look, there's only stuff in there from the last 6 years or so. I had a look at it when I was first posted to Ebrington, Londonderry, And there were loads of details from basic training, etc. Let's just say the version I was given before I came over to Germany was a lot lighter than the one I took there 2 years prior. Apart from a few, i've kept every pay slip I ever received. Those missing few would, by some 200-1 chance, be from Jul-Sep 07, when I finished my tour. I never received them due to shit manning problems on my tour, as (believably enough) my parent unit never knew where I was! Christ knows what happened to those. Is it possible to get access to pay statements from that long ago? , If I could get them I'd be laughing.
There is a very slim chance some things are kept on micro fische at Glasgow, get your mate the clerk to give the "help line" a bell - I wouldn't hold out too much hope though!!
Ahhhh docs and docs clks! My Staff Restricted printout with all pers details of NI spouse and Mum in Law etc. come in a transit envelope everytime regardless of my complints!
Look on the bright side. You can spend the rest of your career trying to get it on JPA :) ... At least you wont be bored.....
Payboss said:
Look on the bright side. You can spend the rest of your career trying to get it on JPA :) ... At least you wont be bored.....
Very true. It's unfortunate timing indeed, as JPA will only serve to blur the boundaries of what they assume and what I know to be true. I probably would have chased this up with more vigour earlier in my career if I had known my ACSM was at stake. Still, I shouldn't grumble. I'll be back on Telic again before you know it, and then I'll definitely qualify....
Would the fact that my Granby tour is not mentioned on my docs, even though it is mentioned in my "little red book", have any bearing on my future entitlement to decorations or awards?
(I'm TA now incidently).
Just curious...

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