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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by FrenchyNW, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Going to start a diary of my attempts to get fitter and join up! Just wondering would people actually be interested in it? It should be a long journey i am current very un fit! 20 Stone 6"7 21 years old. Just wondering if people would like me to post it on the net to follow my progress? :D

    Could help others out there? And of course it gives me extra motivation to prove to you guys i can actually do it!


  2. Post it in the blogs section. Read the guidance and a couple of the good blogs to get the idea. Then make yours interesting and readable.
  3. What ... you're only 6" tall and 721 years old ... write what you want in your diary feller, you won't get in!
  4. 6ft, 7" and 20 stone! 8O You do what you like son, I'm not going to argue with you. :wink:
  5. Will be on the lines of:

    Monday - ate some pies, tried to run, but didn't get very far
    Tuesay - tired from run, so slept in, and ate some pies
    Wednesday - ran out of pies, so ate chocolate, went for a slow walk with dog
    Thursday - bought some more pies, ate them, fell asleep
    Friday - Was supposed to run today, but bought COD4 on xbox, ate some pies and played games all day
  6. how the hell have you got access to MY diary?
  7. There was a space between 7 and 21. Perhaps you need some glasses? Or maybe you just need to go back to school assuming you left.

    Also yeah thank for the confidence boost! Ill remeber that when its cold and wet!

  8. 'Tis very dangerous to make comments about people's edumacation when your own is questionable:

    " means inches.
    ' Means Feet.

    Therefore six foot seven inches would be written as 6'7".

    Perhaps you should return to school. Make sure you sign up for Physical Education while you're there.
  9. so he is six inches tall, 721 yrs old and 20 stone?
  10. I must admit that I did leave school, but that was back in 1975 prior to 24 years service in the army. Yes, there was a space between 7 and 21 but, as I recall, when I did go to school I was taught that the symbol for feet was ' and the symbol for inches was ". Unless I am mistaken?

    And that it should be thanks and that Ill means unwell and that remember has two m's in it. Could be wrong, I'll check with my glasses on!

    First entry: Dear diary, I am a fat, illiterate ignorant and disrespectful 21 year old buffoon who wishes to join the army ...
  11. Something in stores then....
  12. Ive always used " will not from now on though, especially with being ripped apart by the dogs!

    Not sure on what unit to join havnt really thaught about. Just focussing on my fitness before i even attempt to decide what unit.

  13. You could go for the 2nd Battalion Royal Pie Eaters Corps
  14. I suppose they can do alot worse, its all shits and giggles in the end though. I've thaught about the RE but not sure what trade. But then i used to be a IT Technician so maybe something to do with computers?
  15. Now that's a better response young Frenchy me lad ... accept a ripping from those who might know better than you and you might also get some real useful advice along the way.

    Your plan to concentrate on your fitness would seem the most reasonable thing to do; get fitter and get your weight down. If you are 6' 7" (and can get fit) I suspect the Guards might be interested in you ... a lot! If not, a big lad who likes a pie or two is most welcome in Gods Own Corps of Royal Engineers (top panels anyone?).

    I would suggest, judging by your awful use of our beloved English, that you are not going to be a clerk!