My defense research lessons learnt.


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I wonder how this contrasts with armed forces findings having been in the cadets four years:

When designing

1 Improvise like your life depended on it.
2 Borrow as much American technology as you can.
3 Listen to the forces radio station.
4 Pause for porn.
5 When you don't feel paranoid enough to carry on make another pint of coffee.
6 Hope the reference will be good enough to get a normal job afterwards.
7 Get an imaginery friend in your head for the duration 'cause you can't talk to anyone about it. Even if you could all students are hippies and hate anyone who works on the deterrent.
8Watch student hippies chain themselves to the company building.
9 Not know if the code you wrote was even adopted because it's secret and you signed out.
10 Worry if your patriotism was justified as the system is used to help overthrow the latest oil rich nation.
Is this supposed to be a Miscellaneous Joke?

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