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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thestoat, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Having been threatened by a walt, confirmed walt, and the walt harrassingy wife, I told walt to go away.

    Walt then sent me gay semi naked pictures of his mate to my phone, walt then demanded money, he also tried to ram my car, when the police got involved I was told it was a civil matter, so I am thumped said walt, untill he was unconcious, and now the police want to prosecute me, surely this is a civil matter still??

    And of not, how long will I be in prison for, as second offence, is it worth leaving the confine of Oxford, and the general, and the roAsting, claiming Lunacy, maybe you boys could back me up there, or escaping to
    foreign shores, to be a farmer in Zimbabwe, they are offering jobs there now.

    Am worried with the lunacy they may put me in broadmore of I mentiony Arrse posts on here, advice please, and also do I go back
    and warn matt the walt not to try any more
    gay stuff?
  2. What, live in a shed, well it's a plan, does this mean I coming to
    your house to live in your shed, with my marauding band of walt
    hunters, general Jackson and pte golden, is there running water etc
  3. CQMS is that glass or flexi glass?
  4. 4mm flexi glass, you know your sheds.
  5. Although the stoat doesn't have an o2 medallion yet, I thought that by ignoring him, his threads would die a death anyway if nobody responded.
    CQMS, nice shed, you should get some tanalised 4x1 pencil round, to hide those hidious breeze blocks at the bottom of your shed.
    I sincerely hope to God those breeze blocks aren't the basis of your foundations.
  6. CQMS - Are those B & Q shovel and rake or a more up market model. I notice there is also a shovel hanging on the shed wall superbly supported. Please what make is this and where can I buy one. Thanks for you help.
    PS. That is a cracking Red Hoe as well, fancy selling it?
  7. I thought if all his threads turned immediately into shed threads he might lose the will to live and kill himself, my shed is only preconstructed awaiting its final move hence the amateurish base.
  8. Well normally for shovel advice I would turn to the RGJ, have you tried 1 Rifles?

    The rake is a Spear and Jackson No.4, the one with the moulded embrasure.
  9. :D Good one, have a nice shed weekend
  10. Ah the classic Shed defence it’s a shame that some people have not studied Shedi Arts, feed a Shed to a troll and they normally fuck off or their heads explode
  11. Don't worry you're getting there 8)
  12. Spany your feckin dead, after we have taken your mouth, rember we know where you live, and now we are outlaws until the revolution again, we ate lawless thugs, marauding the country
  13. [​IMG]

    A splendid utility shed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.