My Daughters Boyfriends cat...

This is the gawds trooth..

daughter's boyfriend was worried about his cat which was having ' problems' pissing, etc.. [ neutered male ]..hives off the the Vet's where they pump it full of drugs, sympathize with his emotional situation and milk the lad for almost two months pay to ' save the wee beastie' from the inevitable..

no progress, so out they pull the cat's catheter and inform the boyo that , in order to save the feline - get this- since his ' plumbing' is on the fritz [ a small side effect of neutering male cats, some develop urinary problems due to the lack of - well - maleness ] - the solution [ other than my recommendation to the lad to suck it up and put the cat down, buy another kitten and get on with things ] is to spend a further $ 2000 and have the cat ' gender reassigned '... yup - give the cat a 'sex change '...

ferkeeeristsakes!!.. surely this is further evidence of the decline of western civilization, if not the looming apocalypse???

chopping off the poor buggers' wee weinie and giving the pussy a 'pussy'... $ 5000 later- a new cat [ sort of ]..

there's no talking to this younger generation..

geez.. back in my day...

okay rant has been vented, I'm off for a drink...
If a fecking clown wants to spend that kind of money on a moggie let them - just make sure your daughter doesn't suffer cash loss because of item.

Its not cricket messing with an animals bits. I'm still pissed off at Mrs Dingerr for getting the dogs knackers chopped without my say-so and that was 7 years ago.


Misses dog has prostrate probems (he's 10), he had his balls removed week before last and is having his final post op review today. poor sod has turned well soft.

If the cats that bad put it out of its misery and get a new one. Would he like a sex change having already having had to live with no balls? Doubt it very much.
Is this Crabby we're onabout???


Perhaps, in the interests of preserving your daughters purity, you could donate her boyfriends genetalia to the feline? He (the cat, obviously) would be the most envied moggy in your area. As for your daughters beloved, well - you'll save money on future christmas presents!


Why spend 5 grand on a scabby mog when a quality shovel can be had for about £20 from Screwfix.

Apply with suitable force to cats skull. Re-use shovel to dispose of evidence.

Then go buy a decent pet.

Fucking cats.


Yes, but you don't get the bricks back.

The shovel can be used again :D

Any male possessing a cat as a pet is gay. Your daughter is just a cover for him till he plucks up the courage to come out of the closet.

Or dies of aids. Speaking of which, it occurs to me that maybe that is the problem with the cat? Did the "boyfriend" take precautions while buggering said beastie?
Any man who owns a cat without being bullied into it by wife/live in girlfriend is a poofter.

Did you know he goes out sucking cock when your daughter isn't around? That he rims strangers in public toilets? That he gets beaten around the head while a big black guy pumles him in the arse, calling him 'Bitch', and he loves it?

Get her to the clap clinic, before he adds to the AIDS he has already given her.
Your furure son in law takes his cat to a vet and the vet fcuks up the operation to lop off the cats ghoulies. He then charges your future son £££££ to try and sort it out. The vet fails then has the bright idea of giving the cat a sex change and even more ££££££.
At what point did your future son in law start thinking that vet might be a bit sh!t at being a vet and he sould have tried another one?

Is the Vet an elderly German who goes by the name Dr Mengler?

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