My Dad's Army - Sun 060311 2230 hrs ITV 1

Going to be a tough watch.


thanks for the reminder - have just set it to record


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I'm not going to lie this is extremely hard to watch as a father and a soldier.... Must get the wife to do the dusting in here.
I've turned it over. Room was waaay too dusty to watch it properly.
these kids are proof that bravery is an inherited genetic trait
k'in ell - had to turn it over.

Blubbering like a 5 yr old... no excuses about dust. I have no problem about crying over the bravery of this lot.


as a parent about to start training,im finding this a hard watch.The strength of the partners and bravery of the kids is inspiring.
I, have recorded it and willl watch it tomorrow night, thanks for the heads up I will make sure Mrs STILTS does the dusting first!!



This is on again on ITV+1 channel 33 on freeview in case anyone has just missed it.
A very thoughtfully presented programme, i'm in bits at the sight of the 3 children at the National Arboretum, searching for their daddy's name on the wall. Very moving.


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I got as far as the first advert break til I had to turn over.
Those sons, daughters and mums were way beyond impressive: A tribute each and every one to their fathers and husbands. RIP.
I hope to God this country looks after them.