My Daddy Is A Soldier

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by counterstrike, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. This was posted a while ago in community pages but it's a bit buried in there an I felt it needed a bump. I have no connection to this book but have bought one.

  2. why've they defaced the book with that horrendous cap badge!!!

    in all honesty though i don't think our civvi counterparts understand the real burden the army has on family life as a whole...will support and get the split arse to read it before she decides to embark on a pad life in february..
  3. you can listen to this while you're reading it to really get the eyes watering,

    "I'm sending a Letter To Santa Claus"

    Arthur Askey
  4. Just want to say, got the book and it's fantastic. Ideal for explaining to young kids what's happening.

    Go buy one, it's only £5.99 inc P&P :D
  5. Great idea I remember the first time my LO's dad went away, the only book we could find in the Library that came close to explaining having your dad go away was entitled daddys gone to prison......not really suitable at all!

  6. Yes, but fair play, they got the beret down to a 'T'!

  7. Indeed, prisoners have a much easier life.